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Food manufacturing device for horses, comprises a cooler

Food manufacturing device for horses, comprises a cooler components and a chamber, where a liquid nitrogen is injected into the chamber to transform the

Method of raising and lowering support means of a semitrailer

The present invention relates to semi-trailer support legs. In order to avoid damage to trailer support legs by failure to raise the legs when the

Effects of cool temperature on egg incubation,

The survival of tuatara is now threatened by climate change because of isolation on islands that prevent them from migrating to cooler regions, and by

Gas cooler e.g. indirect intercooler, for motor car, has

201049-The cooler has housing portions (3, 4) for formation of a casing of gas-flow-through rectangular pipes (1), where a cooling fluid flows thro

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SOURCE NZ Business;Sep2010, Vol. 24 Issue 8, According to a SEEK Watercooler survey in July An Overview of Arctic Oil Drilling in Alaska

Microminiature stirling cycle cryocoolers and engines

A microminiature Stirling cycle engine or cooler is formed utilizing semiconductor, planar processing techniques. Such a Stirling cycle thermomechanical

Is The Time Right For i-Man?

SOURCE NZ Marketing Magazine;Dec2008/Jan2009, Volcooler designation than Microman, similar to cool An Overview of Arctic Oil Drilling in Alaska

Carbon balance of an intensively grazed temperate dairy

201531- whereas the whole of 2009 and August–September 2011 were cooler than Acknowledgements We would like to thank DairyNZ for providing acce

Extract: Unseen: Outcast Season Book 3

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[Sterility substantial. Wine cooler]. [German]

[Sterility substantial. Wine cooler]. [German][esterilizacion, jugo de frutas, beverages, sterilizing, mixing, fruit juices, mezclado, vinos, boisson,

to improvements in a foam control cooler for beverages

This invention relates to improvements in a foam control cooler for beverages such as beer, ale or the like in which a dispensing liquid container fed

Oil cooler units

Oil cooler unitsdoi:10.1108/aeat.1998.12770dab.066《Aircraft Engineering Aerospace Technology》

Liquid cooler and method for operating said cooler

The invention relates to a liquid cooler comprising a cooling unit, said cooler being suitable for the direct cooling of liquids and being at least

When a hobby becomes a passion

supercharger to improve power output and a Motec oil cooler for increased Oxley, John《Nzwd》

Display cooler

Display coolerdoi:USD354642 SUSD354642 * Aug 23, 1993 Jan 24, 1995 The Mead Corporation Display cooler

Jalousie for a cooler

The invention relates to an air-cooled cooler (1) which has air channels (7) formed between a system of tubes (6). By means of a crank mechanism

The engine supercooler for fuel burning engines

The Engine Supercooler for Fuel Burning Engines uses liquid nitrogen (or any other supercool medium) to cool engine components to a temperature above fuel

Heat pump and method of heating fluid

cooler comprising at least one tank (2) with to think of heat exchange between oil and waterNZ PL PT RO RU SD SE SG SI SK SK SL TJ

Jalousie for a cooler

a water radiator, charge air cooler or oil cooler, which incorporates a NZ OM PH PL PT RO RU SC SD SE SG SK SL TJ TM TN TR TT TZ UA

Heat exchanger

2003123-(8) forms, daduchgekennzeic hn et, that two or more tubular rings (8 for example air, and wherein the second medium is a liquid cooling

EKs ice gets cooler

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May/June is better when the weather is cooler. Should you buy a lily, So happy gardening as usual.Barry HighstedCoastal News

Impact of Housing on Health in Dunedin NZ

32 NZ : Average Temperature v Average Mortality/month Mortality/month 3000 Dunedin has a cooler climate than the majority of New Zealand with an

Product listings. (Pads, humidifier and evaporative cooler-

Product listings. (Pads, humidifier and evaporative cooler-sensors).(buyers guide )(Buyers Guide)

Oscillating cooler

Oscillating coolerdoi:WO2001033999 A1See references of WO0133999A1

Cryogenic thermometer employing molecular luminescence

feedback means for actuating said heating or cooling means in response to wherein Nz and Ny are populations, Ezy =Ez -Ey is the energy