B31/2 pressure hose in massachusetts

Power operated valve system

Massachusetts,haveinvented a new and useful Standard for Garden-Hose Pipes The arms A A--two or more in number, each provided with abase or

Method of making rubber hose

MASSACHUSETTS, ASSIGNOR OF ONE-HALF TO ALVI I le it lrnown that l, Fnnnninoii JWGLEA- hose which consists in forming a tubular structure

Braided fabric for hose.

2014728- MASSACHUSETTS, assrcnon ro REVERE RUB-BER BRAIDED FABRIC FOR HOSE. 3. The improved braided fabric comprising two,.distinct parallel b

Nozzle for hose-pipes

Massachusetts, have invented certain new and usefulfrom the nozzle under the pressureI of the 2. The combination, with a hose-pipe or noz

Self-closing hose-nozzle

Massachusetts, have invented new and useful 2. By this arrangement it will be seen that pressure from the hose-pipe D to pass freely

alexander v hose - Relief valve

asf \A Z2-0 n HOSE OR TUBING STRIPPING MASSA- CHUSETTS, A CORPORATION 0F MASSACHUSETTS.The combination of the air pressure acting to

Hill Trust single family residence, Medway, Massachusetts

for Saddle Hill Trust single family residence, Medway, Massachusetts Temperature Side one 3000 F; Side two 3000 F Pressure Inside 200 psi;

Pressure-hose coupling

Massachusetts, have invented new and useful improvements in Pressure-Hose it is often found extremely diliicult to reconnect the coupling elements,

A study of the bursting pressure of rubber hose /

A study of the bursting pressure of rubber hose /Abstract Thesis (B.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, 1915

control of the hose on the ice in Massachusetts - Statter911

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Depression During the Menopausal Transition in 2 Community

2 Community-based Populations: Real, or Really This study took place in eastern Massachusetts andHarlow BL, MacLehose RF, Smolenski DJ, Soares

Barriers, facilitators, and recommendations related to

Childerhose, PhD2, Julie Lauzière, RD, MSc3, and Danielle Groleau, PhDPolicies and practices related to breastfeeding in Massachusetts: hospital


Massachusetts, have invented a new and useful hose so that an enormous internal pressure can Fig. 2 is a central longitudinal section thereof

Electric hose signaling apparatus

SEELEY, UF BROOKIJINE, MASSACHUSETTS. - sine-pressure, and it has accordingly been the jftwo of the jackets 1 of the hose and one or

Filter for incubator

as by a hose 46 leading from a cylinder of two fluids together, and flow of said first pressure therein to induce the flow of said air

Drain hose

assignor to Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Company, Cambridge, Massachusetts and two pieces of hose of an internal diameter corresponding to said

Improved mode of fastening hose to couplings

Massachusetts, have invented an Improved Clamp for Securing Hose to Couplingshose.` Where leather hose is used it is iirst soaked to soften it, so

Hose pipe or nozzle

State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Hose APipes or I believe that I am the Iirst to provide a hose pipe or nozzle with

Improvement in hydraulic hose

STREET, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, especial] y where there is much pressure to be borne by the hose,

Protective cover for nasal air supply hose

hoses which prevents skin discomfort, irritation, pressure sores and other injuries and which (4224 Massachusetts St., Long Beach, CA, 90814

Structurizer mold

State of Massachusetts, have invented certain newhose or similar article having no stiffening corepressure rolls and a fixed tension bar on said

Improvement in attaching hose to hose-couplings

Massachusetts, have invented Improvements in-Attaching Hose to Hose-Gouplings, 2. The combination, with the clamp, of the pivoted links and cross-bar


Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Hosetwo or more hose-engaging elements of two and it is important that no pressure whatsoever

Fire protective hose assembly

A flexible hose for conveying fluids and suitable for high temperature environments, in one embodiment the hose assembly comprises a thermal paint coated

Obstetric forceps

pressure prevailing between the contact area and Forceps according to claim 2, characterized in (15) each consisting of a thin-walled hose