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Follow-up study on energy entrepreneurs.

A follow-up study of wood chip-fired heating systems in rural schools in southern and eastern Finland, with energy entrepreneurs supplying the chipped wood

Pipes, and Hoses of Unhardened Vulcanized Rubber in Finland

The 2011 Import and Export Market for Tubes, Pipes, and Hoses of Unhardened Vulcanized Rubber in FinlandNo abstract available

Success factors of service enterprises in forestry.

The main objectives of the study were: (1) to describe the success of service enterprises in forestry in Finland, and (2) to determine the reasons

Procurement and sawing of joinery timber.

Työtehoseuran Julkaisuja 2000 No. 376 pp. 82 pp. ISSN 0355-0710 Private Forest (NIPF) landowners and converters of roundwood in Finland

Puimurin ja puintityoen kehittaemistarpeet Suomessa.

finlande, recolte, maintenance, entretien, finlandTyoetehoseuran Julkaisuja (Finland). no. 291

2009 Import and Export Market for Tubes, Pipes, and Hoses

The 2009 Import and Export Market for Tubes, Pipes, and Hoses of Unproducts in Australia from various countries including Finland, Denmark, and

ryynänen s. - Jrnhsten tracked skidder in thinnings.

of trials with the skidder in first commercial thinnings in Finland. Tractorswork studyRyynänen, S《Työtehoseuran Metsätiedote》

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Työtehoseuran vuosikirja 2000

[research institutions, agriculture, adult education, s, work study, forestry, finland, home economics]

Suorituskyvyn ja kuormittumisen suhteet metsaetyoessae.

Suorituskyvyn ja kuormittumisen suhteet metsaetyoessae.Levanto STyoetehoseuran Julkaisuja (Finland). no. 192

Water Hose Suppliers Manufacturers exporting to Finland

Top rated Expandable Water Hose suppliers manufacturers that supply export Expandable Water Hose to vendors dealers in Finland Electronic Compone

Joint storage of delivery sales timber [in Finland]

Joint storage of delivery sales timber [in Finland][stockage, madera, 《Tyoetehoseuran Metsaetiedote》

Chunking and chipping with Sasmo HP 30 conescrew chipper.

EnergyChippingdryingenergy consumptionequipmentWood chipsNurmi, J《Työtehoseuran Metsätiedote Finland》

The productivity of sawing chopped firewood machines.

《Työtehoseuran Metsätiedote》Karha, K. Jouhiaho, A. 2003. 2-5 Sept 2003, Finbio - the Bio- energy Association of Finland. p

[The job description of a farmers wife in Finland]

papel de la mujer, finlande, farms, explotaciones agrarias, finland, 《Tyoetehoseuran Kotitalousosaston Monisteita》

Wood as a source of renewable energy.

increased in the 1990s, Finland, too, will have to reduce its emissions.waste utilizationHakkila, P《Työtehoseuran Metsätiedote》

Pellet-fired burners in the heating of small residential

The use of wood pellets as a source of heating energy is quite new in Finland. Currently available are mainly several Swedish pellet-fired burners with

Recovery of logging residues from spruce clearcuts.

major reserve available for the production of renewable energy in Finland. loggingslashwood residuesNurmi, J《Työtehoseuran Metsätiedote》

Public subsidies in promoting the tending of young stands.

2000. Public subsidies in promoting the tending of young stands. Tyotehoseuran-Metsatiedote 621: 4 pp. (In Finnish with English summary.)

For casting concrete elements

[Plant production in nurseries in Finland]ornamental plants, planting stock, Malkki, SEnroth, A《Tyoetehoseuran Maataloustiedote》

Forest owners machine cost accounting

[forestry equipment, finlande, materiel forestier, equipo forestal, cost analysis, analisis de costos, finlandia, analyse des couts, finland]《Tyoetehose

Fuelwood as a by-product of silviculture.

Reasons for the decline in forest management in northern Finland are FuelwoodLoggingresourcesAhonen, A《Työtehoseuran Metsätiedote》

Saeiloentaeaineiden aiheuttamat vaarat nurmisaeiloerehun

Turkkila KTyoetehoseuran Julkaisuja (Finland). Publication Series of Work Efficiency Association (Finland). no. 235


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Shared use of equipment in agriculture and forestry.

Information was gathered by questionnaire from 292 farms in Finland which hadlogging machinestaxestractorsKivijärvi, M《Työtehoseuran Metsätiedote》

and harvester in thinning of pine stands [in Finland]

Agricultural tractor and harvester in thinning of pine stands [in Finland]《Tyoetehoseuran Metsaetiedote》Ryynanen, S. 1992. Agricultural tractor