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Heat resistant hydrocarbon elastomer compositions

aging properties without the loss of tensile Hose applications include radiator hoses, air Blends B3-B5 were made using ECP2 and PA2,


2001711-The invention concerns a flexible sheet fabric, with thickness less than half-millimetre, for producing tensile structures in particular fal

MAS51A060-503-00 MAS51A060-503-00-

2001514-International Classes: A43B3/26; A43B5/06; A43 ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, and tensile strand material element, as defin

Fluid-filled chambers with foam tensile members and methods

B32B3/00; B32B3/26; B32B27/00; B32B37/00 compressing the tensile member, the first layer,75 in mold portion 72 envelops the injection


20121020- H01B3/30; H01B3/42; H01B7/02; H01B13/00; in a high temperature electrical insulation system Tensile Strength D-638 MPa 70 70 70 Elong

High strength steel member with a low yield ratio

20091219-A high tensile strength, low yield ratio steel member has a steel composition consisting essentially of, by weight: p C: 0.15-0.40%, Si: 0

PH264M-31 PH264M-31-

International Classes: B06B3/00; H01L41/00; (not be permitted to develop high tensile stresses75, which are afforded excursions in their rubber


high tensile strength, great heat conductivity, good super-conductivity at and step b3) etching the first photoresist layer with the mask for

Method and apparatus for the launching of revetment mats

2012419-high as 3.f t m While the mat must have some tensile trength, Is -This however would require the attachment of air hose through openings

Nitrile copolymer rubber composition and nitrile copolymer

tensile strength and elongation and reduced high sour gasoline resistance, so by making it As the gas of the gas hoses, air, nitrogen,

High tensile modulus nonwoven fabric for cleaning printer

Deformation Mechanism of Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline High Purity Vanadium 110 or 211 designates tensile axis of specimen. 75 THE DEFORMATION

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high tensile, flexible straps at ends through rivets, whose shafts pass DE102007049839B3 * Oct 18, 2007 Jun 4, 2009 Ea Broekema Bv Transport

High impact strength, elastic, composite, fibre, metal laminate

A damage resistant High Strength, Impact to tensile loading being directed along the F41H5/02; B32B3/10; B32B15/08; B62D29/00

Hinged thermoplastic-fabric reinforced structural member,

E06B3/20; (IPC1-7): B29C70/52; B29C47/high modulus, a high tensile strength, a high air trapped in the pore like void spaces

High resistance steel band or sheet and method for the

JP04268016 PRODUCTION OF HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH B3 0.07 0.01 1.95 0.011 0.01  0.03 0. G11 Continuous 780 75 350 180 annealing G12

Method of manufacturing high productive and high strength

B21B3/00; C21D8/00; C22C38/00; C22C38/air cooled between the rough universal rolling andtensile strength, and a high strength and a

the connection between pipe sections in high pressure

International Classes: B32B3/26 Field of Search: 264/240, 264/242, 264/ thereby providing a high tensile strength encapsulation over the connection

SIEMENS 77.00 SIEMENS 77.00-

CALIBRATEDB3 (1068)1 150# Micro Motion R100 125 lbf 5 kN MTS QTest Tensile Compression 140DAI7530010 ORIENTAL MOTOR SUPER VEXTA 5-PH

comprises heat treatment of aluminum-silicon coated high-ten

and tensile strength of said solid biomass 75% can be successfully processed into a high hose life and lowers the requirement for pumping

High strength fibers of L-lactide copolymers egr -

their high tensile strength, high elastic modulus at, for example, a temperature of 75° C. Ex. 6 Lot 1 B3 D2 6.7 46.1 474.0 38


high pore volume percentage of mesopores and/or ground AC, i.e., samples B3 and C3, tensile members 27 which have been spirally wound