B32 inch oil hose bridgestone

Fireproof laminates

Assignee: Bridgestone Tire Company Limited (Tokyo, JP) Primary Class: 428/International Classes: B32B15/08; (IPC1-7): B32B5/20 Field of Search:

Process for bonding together films based on cured butyl

(SRF) twice-washed whitening paraffin oil (SunparBridgestone Corporation Thermoplastic films for heat B32B25/04, C08J2321/00, B29C35/12, B29L

Film-reinforced glasses

US5618595 * 1994825 199748 Bridgestone Corporation Air bag B32B5/02, B32B27/32, D03D15/00, B32B5/18, B29D28/00,

Photovoltaikmodule mit reflektierenden klebefolien

EP2087526A1 * 2007118 2009812 Bridgestone Corporation Dicht18, Y02E10/52, H01L31/0527, B32B17/10761, B32B17/10623, B32B17/10688


2014616- Tarutani, Yasunori (c/o Bridgestone Corporation Yokohama Kojo1 Kashio-cho C09J7/00; B32B27/28; B32B27/32; C03C27/12; C08J5/18; C08K5/

Tuyaux transportant lagent de refroidissement comprenant du

A hose for transporting carbon dioxide refrigerant has a wall formed by a plurality of layers, in which at least one metallic layer impermeable to carbon

Apparatus for improving film machinability during film sealing

1994927 Bridgestone Corporation Damping B29C66/43, B32B27/08, B32B1/08, B29C66/ Owner name: EXXONMOBIL OIL CORPORATION, TEXAS

Joined vulcanized rubber product

of between 10 and 100 pounds per square inch. Bridgestone Tire Co Ltd Composite of a metallic B32B15/095, B32B7/02, A41D19/00, A41D31/

Sandwich glasses

naphthenic oil, phthalate ester, adipate ester, 10853, C09J123/08, B32B17/10036, B32B17/ 1985 Bridgestone Tire Company Limited Sandwich

Resin film

US4865918 * 1987716 1989912 Bridgestone Corporation Sandwich B32B17/10761, C03C17/3405, C03C2217/478, B32B17/10018, C

Multi-layered veneer for a tire sidewall

B32B25/04 B32B25/00 B32B27/32 B60C13/00 B32B27/34 B60C13/04 B32B27 US5300164 199227 199445 Bridgestone Corporation Pneumatic tire

Display panel and film therefor

WO2009075348A1 20081212 2009618 Bridgestone Corp Optical filter, optical filter for display, display provided with such filter, and plasma


Kotsubo, Hidefumi (c/o BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION B32B25/14; B60C1/00; B60C13/00; C09D4/00 process oil, antiscorching agent, zinc white,

A method for the preparation of a laminated film

EP0479592A2 * 1991103 199248 Bridgestone Corporation Surface C08J7/00, B32B27/08, B32B37/10, B32B43/00, B32B27/34

Bright white protective laminates

Aoike, Yukio (Kuroiso Plant Bridgestone Corporation 800, Shimonakano Kuro B32B5/02; B22F3/00; B22F3/11; B22F5/00; B22F7/00; D04H3/002;

Barriere acoustique et mecanique transparente

EP0517114A1 * 1992529 1992129 Bridgestone Corporation Vitrage B32B17/10G14, B32B17/10C4, B32B17/10G, B32B17/10G24

Sandwich glass

US4511627 * 1982107 1985416 Bridgestone Tire Company Limited C08F8/12, B32B17/10036, B32B17/10697, B32B17/10743, Y10

Faced fiberglass board with improved surface toughness

and a thickness between about .5 to 2 inches1996923 199847 Bridgestone/Firestone D04H13/00, B32B27/04, E04B1/84, E04B1/

Method for installing a roofing membrane

B32B27/30 B29L2009/00 C09J2427/006 B32B27per square inch at room temperature for 2 hoursBridgestone Corporation Heat seamable roof sheeting


Kai, Masashi c/o Bridgestone Corporation Yokohama G02B1/11; B32B7/02; B32B15/08; G02B5/22; silicone oils, silicone resins, silicone

Faced fiberglass board with improved surface toughness

C09K2200/0622, C08L23/0853, C08J3/203, H01L31/048, C08K5/54, C08J2423/08, C08J2323/08, C09K3/10, B32B17/10788, B32B17/

Layers of polyurethane and polyethylene

inches by 16 inches by 11/4 inches wherein 20041026 Bridgestone Corporation Impact B32B27/12, B32B27/08 B32

Foam barrier heat shield

EP0753402A2 * 1996715 1997115 Bridgestone Corporation B32B27/40, B32B5/18, C08J9/00 B32B5/18

Laminated safety glass

inches square and on both surfaces of a rigid 199862 Bridgestone Corporation Laminated B32B17/10036, B32B17/10715, B32B17/


Hashimoto, Masao (c/o Bridgestone Corporation Yokohama Kojo1 Kashio-choInternational Classes: B32B7/02; B32B17/10; B32B27/18; C03C27/12

Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Handhabung von Folien

US7717482 20031120 2010518 Bridgestone Corporation Suckingly B65H3/0816, B32B17/10954 B65H3/08B2, B32B17