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DefinitionDefinitionOsteoblastoma is a rare, benign, locally recurrent tumor of the bone with a predilection for the spine.Cross-ReferencesCross-References

LOOKING back, I must have received the warmest reception ever on arriving at Newton Abbot railway station in Devon in 1940.I was in a large party of

Use of platelet glycopeptide IIIa epitopes in the treatment

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[Potato exchange in 1978]. [German]

[Potato exchange in 1978]. [German][]《Kartoffelbau》


YOUNG ARCHITECTS 【Key Words】:《Time + Architecture》


M2: DO IT YOURSELF - Kids Have Ruined Our Beeswax; the Experts Answer All Your DIY queries.(Features)

Section II: Strategies for EnhancingTeaching and Learning

Section II: Strategies for EnhancingTeaching and LearningThe teaching success of faculty is partly dependent on their having a broad repertoire of

Conference organisationProvides a listing of current committee members and society officers.doi:10.1109/ESSDER.2005.1546717European Solid-state Device Researc


Part I is a product directory that identifies a product with a specific manufacturer; Part II contains product specifications for the following: asphalt,

Pluchea foetida (L.) DC.

Pluchea foetida (L.) DC.4α-ACETOXY-3α-(2′,3′-EPOXY-ANGELOYLOXY)-11-HYDROXY-5α(H)-EUDESM-6-EN-8-ONE (4-EPIARGUTICININ; 4α-ACETOXY-3 - Over 2000 Links to VW Audi Stuff V-A-Guh- FourSeason On Board Vehicle Diagnostics, (OBDII) links and DIY schematics, DIY Chip

The Sulfonamide-Aminosulfone Rearrangement:A Rearrangement

The Sulfonamide-Aminosulfone Rearrangement:A Rearrangement Induced Anionically, Cationically, and Thermally (p 270)doi:10.1002/anie.197402701《Angewandte

Multicarrier FEMTO base station

Hunukumbure, Rajaguru Mudiyanselage Mythri (5 Stilwell Drive, Hillingdon,(STEP A3/STEP B3) to determine whether to activate or deactivate any of

Get late-calving cows cycling sooner

Then article presents information on rebreeding of late-calving cows in the U.S. and highlights that removing calves to reduce suckling, progestin

Telaah Kualitas Daging serta Identifikasi Keragaman Gen GH

(B3); kerbau jantan, daging empuk (B20 dan B26); kerbau betina, dagingDiyono (2009) menunjukkan bahwa gen GHRH|HaeIII dan GH|MspI pada kerbau

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comes He drilled a hole, fitted the foam hose up tothe best thing to do was relieve the pressure

Groundwater and Soil Remediation Using Electrical Fields

Enhancement of contaminant removal and degradation in low permeability soils by electrical fields are achieved by the processes of electrical heating,

Stakes High in Green Growth; Andrew Whitehead

Stakes High in Green Growth; Andrew Whitehead