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operating mode of appliance e.g. steam smoothing

(58) aufweist, und mit zumindest einem optischen Anzeigenelement (18) zumberlappung bringbar ist, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass der Drehgriff (4)

(INDICON) - Bangalore, India (2016.12.16-2016.12.18)] 2016

Bangalore, India (2016.12.16-2016.12.18)] 2016 IEEE Annual India Conference (INDICON) - Modeling and identification of experimental drum type steam

of the Conversion Condensate in the Coke Oven Gas 18·30

Treatment Scheme of the Conversion Condensate in the Coke Oven Gas 18·30 medium pressure steam stripping,partial evaporation treatment,and changing

Steam hose coupling

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pressurizing the inner liner with steam jacketed fire hose 1997-02-18 Schomaker et al.The latch assembly is made up of a pivot bar,

Steam press head

20011019-the head is designated at 10 and to which is attached the steam hose II18 is secured to the edge of the angular sides 17 by means of scre

variable heating for chemical processes - comprises steam

Appts. consists of steam pipe and perforated nozzle, water pipe and cylinder with conical ends, and discharge pipe. There is annular gap between steam

The IC engine energetically combined with the steam micro

·K) 8.674 turbine 18 Real dryness fraction of the fluid after the bar p2=1 bar line of saturated steam wet steam 0.1 2.5 2.7 2.9 3.1

Adjustable support bar with adjustable shim design for steam

a support bar joined to the diaphragm segment (LP) steam turbine includes a pair of LP rotor 14 surrounded by diaphragm assemblies 16, 18,

Descaling system for the cooling tubes of a steam condenser

steam condenser by a plurality of sponge balls which comprises a cooling US5433229 * Apr 6, 1994 Jul 18, 1995 Slickbar Products Corp. System

UK (June 14–18, 2010)] Volume 7: Turbomachinery, Parts A,

(June 14–18, 2010)] Volume 7: Turbomachinery, Parts A, B, and C -Effects on the Flow Field and the Performance of a Low Pressure Steam

Steam hose coupling

2 Claims. 285-169) This invention relates to improvements in steam hose couplings, that is to say couplings for steam lines where in a given line

Method of using solar power in gas-and-steam power station

so that the produced steam can also be used comprising a steam socket (18) in fluid hoses of appliances that utilize steam

for use with steam hoses rated for pressures up to 18 bar

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Steam-raising plant with a coal-fired steam generator

2008419-The invention relates to a steam-raising plant with a coal-fired steam generator, dust precipitating equipment, and a sulphur scrubber. In s

Determination of Void Fraction, Incipient Point of Boiling,

long, sodium-heated helically coiled steam generator tube of 0.018 m ID.The operating conditions for the tests were as follows: Pressure: 4–18