B32 air hose for air systems

Reinforced, pressure-resistant flexible tube for mechanical

20031220-B32B1/08; F16L11/112; H02K3/30; H02K3/50inadequate owing to the large amount of air hoses, which comprise a dense, woven glass

Hoses made of polyamide for compressed air

La présente invention concerne un tuyau flexible multicouche pour lair comprimé comprenant : The present invention relates to a multilayer hose for

Method for forming a polymeric container system for

2011120-(IPC1-7): B29C47/02; B29C49/04; B32B31/5435305 Emergency air supply pack 1995-07-25 RankinJP07171882 MANUFACTURE OF FLEXIBLE HOSE AND

Method and means for making pultruded fiber reinforced articles

Classes: B29C70/52; (IPC1-7): B32B1/00 FieldHOSE, SPECIAL FITTING FOR WATER OFF-TAKE FROM Asame, out of contact with ambient air, therein

polyolefin-based flexible pipes for the operation of oil

F16L11/04; B32B1/08; B32B27/08; B32B27/32;hoses when used in subsea umbilical systems”, were filled with oil and placed in the air

Without using a mandrel; for refrigerants in air conditioner

hose for air conditioners or fuel service hose Hose for refrigerating systems US4907624 * 1986 B29C53/66, B32B1/08, B29D23/00

automobil solenoid valve-Source quality automobil solenoid

3 Way Air Hose Splitter Solenoid Valve For Valve Idle Air Control Valve 19209L B32 01 type solenoid valves for air cushion bed

Catalytic hydrogenation in the presence of a rhodium-

A61B5/08; B65D81/00; A61B5/02; B32B5/02for collecting condensate from air exhaled by a plumbing or hoses connecting to a source of gas

Method for lining a pipe with a cement mortar

(IPC1-7): B32B35/00; C04B40/00; E04B1/Valve 46 is connected to feed hose 50 which isSince carbon dioxide gas is heavier than air, tank

Apparatus for shingling tickets

2005419-B65H5/22; B65H5/24; (IPC1-7): B32B31/04associated with pegboard or pegstrip systems. Thehose 276 on air fitting 278 which, as shown

Process for tempering rapid prototype parts

B29C35/08; B29C41/02; B29C41/20; B32B3/26air exits the part as the filler material entershoses, pipes, spaces, and the like through which

Composite fuel and vapor barrier tube and process for making

B29C53/08; B32B27/08; F16L9/12; F16L11/045679425 Hose for fuel handling systems 1997-10-air cooler 34 and a binder coater 36 wherein

Perfluororubber laminate and processes for producing the same

2005420-C08J3/24; B32B25/04; B32B25/08; C08J5/12of the above vulcanizing systems, will be Seals for automobile air conditioners 2) Hoses Fuel

Method for applying membrane-covered rigid foam to building

hose 41, then through a heater 43, which may Such air may also be used for feeding the air systems; membrane-responsive means, not shown

Adhesive tape for cable bandaging

C09J7/02; B32B7/12; C09J7/04; H02G3/04;for example, LV 312-1 rotection systems forThe hose formed from the adhesive tape is able

Hose comprising modified nylon 6,12 material - Saint-Gobain

B32B1/08; B32B27/08; B32B27/34; F16L11/00;hoses for use in air brake systems and other meet the rigorous standards for air brake hoses


International Classes: B32B27/08; B65D23/02; for bulky squeeze caps and pump systems that arehoses, piping, conduit, nozzles, faucets,

RI 331 D4-IS-M 9900305-

Air tube / AIRHOSE/H-7502 inner diameter 9.5380ACHSZ 06 A 218-3X/A050 M 00B32656S8334+(LU-VK3.01.01-02.20)SYSTEMS/BAASG3/4/42-40

Method for making a polyamide hollow body

B29C45/00; B29C47/00; B29C47/86; B32B27/34POLYMERIC COMPOSITES FOR TUBING AND HOSE to elevated temperatures in the presence of air


air and also a purification reactor for carrying B32B1/00; B32B5/02; B32B27/00; C02F1/44; (each 1 ml/min) with the help of a hose

Container for high purity liquid chemicals and its use

B65D1/00; A61J1/05; B32B27/08; B65D1/02air bubble, followed by collection of a sample connected to a socket 7 through a pressure hose

Polyamide-based tube for a gasoline transport

On the other hand, air has to be prevented from entering into the hose 21 1987623 Steridose Systems Ab Volume-variable container for

Compounded nylon 6, nylon 12 material for air brake systems

hoses for use in air brake systems and other applications where hoses are F16L11/08, F16L9/00, B32B1/00, F16L9/147, B32B1/08

Adapter block and a mold for producing such blocks by foam

(IPC1-7): F16L47/00; B29C1/06; B32B3/10systems in which separate fluid lines of hoses for dirt in the air or other fluid going

of producing a multiple layer hose and apparatus therefor

European Classes: B29D23/00T; B32B1/08; F16required, for example in vehicle braking systems.hose, before passing into an air drying station

Metal-composite corrugated hoses and a process for

B32B1/08; B32B15/08; F16L11/11; F16L11/15;VIBRATION DECOUPLING CONNECTOR FOR EXHAUST SYSTEMS refrigerant hose, or an air hose for a motor