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Gasoline pump

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Method of making a hose coupling

1. In a method of making a vacuum cleaner hose by forming said hose Owner name: DAYCO PRODUCTS, LLC 1 PRESTIGE PLACE DAYTON OHIO 4 200012


THOMPSON HINE LLP;Intellectual Property Group (P.O Box 8801, DAYTON, OHIn some embodiments, the chemicals may be added to the water by a hose

Oxygen delivery tube

Moorman and Howard Noyes, Dayton, Ohio, assignors to The Dayton Rubber hoses since the same have had to be circumferentially reinforced against

US2768845 - High pressure replaceable hose coupling with

M23214 W ATTORNEYS United States Patent() HIGH PRESSURE REPLACEABLE HosE WITH WIRE SPRING GRIPPER David Samiran, Dayton, Ohio, assignor to Bowser, Inc

Central Vacuum Hose Home and Garden Vacuums -

a=1c=1dealId=b3lEofDBR-b_Dyt3ColvRQ%water pressure (this is standard pressureDayton Vacuum Hose, 9 ft - 5UMR9 Vacuum Hose

Hose construction and coupling therefor

arms 19 cooperating with the flexible hose 16.water in a mixing tank to produce a first 1973102 Koehler Dayton Indirector chlorinator


rubber compositions, such as tires, belts, hoses, brakes, and the like.Baker Jr., John DaytonCarvagno, Terri RoxanneChapelet, Judicael JacquesCheng

Delphi Corporation Brake Hose Division Including On-Site

Delphi Corporation Brake Hose Division Including On-Site Leased Workers FromBartech, Acro, Securitas Security Services and Tac Automotive; Dayton, OH; Amended

Hose construction

The hose construction comprises a hose having a plurality of integral [73] Assignee: Dayco Corporation, Dayton, Ohio [22] Filed: Dec. 20,

Hoses with connection portions

A hose consisting of a smooth tubular wall and a rib wound spirally on the smooth tubular wall. The hose includes at least one duct portion and at

For mounting in an aircraft waste tank

US2314870 1939107 1943330 Dayton Max E Coupler US3552775 831 199298 Woodward; Gary Dental fiberoptic handpiece hose

Extensible hose

Improvement in hose-couplingsEdwin DaytonUS164816 * Mar 9, 1875 Jun 22, 1875 Improvement in hose-couplings

Corrugated flexible hose

OF DAYTON, OHIO. HOSE-NOZZLE. No. 871, an intermediate section a and a tip section (Water at an angle to the main stream, an

Air-oil heat exchanger

hoses and clamped slip-on couplings substituted 1925811 Dayton-Wright Company Retractable 98 Keller Elizabeth B Retractable water


A vacuum hose is provided having a plurality of reinforcing wires in the form of electrical conductors which are made as an integral part of the hose

Method of making hose construction

Assignee: Dayco Corporation (Dayton, OH) Primary Class: 264/83 1. In a method of making a hose construction for conveying fluids having

Vaccum cleaner hose construction having electrical conductors

Assignee: Dayco Corporation (Dayton, OH) and a sealed interior in said hose construction.cooling, liquid cooling such as water, or the

Hose coupling or connector

GROSBERNT, citizens of the United States, residing at Dayton, in the I In a hose-connector, the combination with a faucet, of a nipple having

Garden hose assembly having holding means adapted to be

Assignee: Dayco Products, Inc. (Dayton, OH) Primary Class: 138/172 Otherwater-conveying passage through said hose assembly; the improvement comprising

Branched hose construction, joint construction and part there

the branched hose construction comprising a firstAssignee: Dayco Corporation (Dayton, OH) tips 78 of the tines 74 frictionally engage

Hose assembly for fluid flow apparatus

a hose assembly for extending the fluid flow hose and a top opening therein remote from said Dayton U.S. Pat. No. 2,616,115 discloses


DAYTON, Robert A. (255 North Lake George Road(Eaton Center, 1000 Eaton Blvd.Cleveland, Ohio,A fuel hose (not shown) can be mounted over

Die assemblies

Watkins; Dayton, all of Ohio [73] Assignee: Dayton Progress Corporation,Further, upon application of the air hose, as and when required, a

Vacuum cleaner hose construction, insert therefor and methods

A vacuum cleaner hose construction, insert therefor and methods of making Assignee: Dayco Products, Inc. (Dayton, OH) Primary Class: 439/191

Protective enclosure for service station dispensers

32 which containthe various items to be dispensed, such as water and airDayton Pump And Mfg Company Dispensing pump having motor-driven hose