B35 cement hose good selling


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Pumice used for ceramic cement and glaze prodn

cement manufacture, esp. for light concrete; also heat-insulation and International Classes: C04B7/42 C04B14/16 C04B35/14 C04B41/50 -

High zirconia containing glass ceramic cement

A glass ceramic cement comprising by weight 20% to 45% ZrOsub2/sub, 20% to 60% Alsub2/sub Osub3/sub, 0% to 27% SiOsub

Pore-building in cement - using gas producing material coated

20011019-Porosity formation in cement is carried out using a powder material which chemically reacts with a component of the cement to produce a gas

Two part castable ceramic cement

A two part castable ceramic cement having low density, good thermal shock resistance, good temperature resistance and extended storage life. The first and

Use of a refractory ceramic brick for lining cement rotary

C04B7/44; C04B35/043; C04B35/66; F27B7/20; F27D1/16; F27D1lining rotary kilns for the cement industry, which contains at least 50 wt

Agent and method for modifying surface layer of cement

(IPC1-7): C04B31/00; B05C1/16; B32B35/cement structure an agent comprising 100 parts by(Trade Name EFTOP EF-112 sold by Tohoku Hi


2013320-Disclosed is an unshaped refractory containing a refractory mixture of alumina (Al2O3)sub/and silicon carbide (SiC) to which alumina cemen

Powder composition for castable refractory and premixed

(IPC1-7): B28B3/00; C04B35/101; C04B35/cement, said hydration stopper being a material, a flexible hose connected to a tip end thereof

Ceramic patching cement

r The present invention is particularly directed to the making of patching cements to be usedin high-temperature furnaces where resistance to spalling is

compositions containing alkali silicate and alumina cement

A process for manufacturing inorganic heat insulating material by mixing up water-soluble alkali silicate, alumina cement, metal base foaming agent and foam

Herstellung von Cementkrpern durch reaktive Infiltration

Herstellung von Cementkörpern durch reaktive Infiltration German Patent DE B22F3/10 C04B35/65 C04B41/45 C04B41/50 C22C1/10 (IPC1-7): B22

reactive raw material in the black meal process of cement

black meal process of cement manufacture by vertical shaft kiln (VSK) _tid=eda73f5e-4dd1-11e3-bd3b-00000aacb35f&acdnat;=1384505158_9d49c86

Corrosion resistance, excellent cement coating properties

magnesia clinker and cement to produce CaO-Al.__________ X: poor coating ⊚: good

Process for applying low-cement castable refractory material

A method for placing a thixotropic low-cement castable refractory material without the necessity for forms. A low-cement castable material is mixed with a

Synthetic, refractory material for refractory products, and

2004320-04B35/443; (IPC1-7): C04B35/44; C04B35/cement, lime, dolomite, iron and steel and for it is possible to achieve a good To value in

Refractory cement

A cement for vessels for containing molten alloys of aluminum with metals selected from the group consisting of lithium, magnesium, zinc and copper is

Method for repairing and restoring deteriorated cement-

A method for repairing and restoring a deteriorated cement-containing inorganic material such as reinforced concrete by applying a solution of a water-soluble

Cement kiln dust–quartz derived wollastonite ceramics

as B30, B35, B40, B45, B50, B55 where the number indicates the weight percent of quartz in the batch composition and the rest is cement kiln dust


Abstract of strongEP0193751/strongbr1. Use of cement-free vibratable compositions based on aluminium oxide and/or zirconium dioxide, optionally

Method and cement for bonding carbon articles

A high temperature cement for carbon articles comprising aluminum, and tantalum or silicon, in a specific weight percent ratio such that when heated in an

Method of preparing tubular ceramic articles

04B35/80; (IPC1-7): C04B35/573; C04B35/hose mandrel comprises a hose constructed as a cement or the like to fill any remaining open


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Low silica furnace cement

A refractory furnace cement is provided, that can be formulated to be air setting and substantially free of silica. The composition can be formed with a

Low silica furnace cement

2011519-Pads for cement cargo carriers United States Patent 3409333 Inventors: WernerInternational Classes: B63B27/25; B63B35/30; B65D88/70 View

Use of cement-free vibration masses containing aluminium

ABSTRACT Use of cement-free vibration masses containing aluminium oxide and/or zirconium dioxide for the production of wearing parts. The invention concerns