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5/2 way-valve(spraying air)24 VDC,0.6W,DN2.5 SIZE OD 3/16,PRESSURE:1000PSI, P/N : NTDENVER VACUUM PUMP | VSI-300-47 for AF 132S/


Feed mechanism for rock drill hose guidedoi:US3500941 AComplete Patent US3500941 * Dec 9, 1968 Mar 17, 1970 Gardner Denver Co Feed mechanism


hose to the primary passageway, while an Assignee: Jet-X Corporation (Denver, CO) seals air holes 95 during normal flow but

Hose guide for rock drills

Hose guide for rock drillsHuffman Mervin CUS3508619 Aug 13, 1968 Apr 28, 1970 Gardner Denver Co Hose guide for rock drills


(102) molded onto a hose (105) and a stand DE10259725B3 2004-04-15 GB2131911A 1984-06-10-A31551 Wewatta Stree, Denver CO, 80202, US

Drinking water disinfection by-products and pregnancy outcome

Denver, CO: American Water Works Association Research Foundation, 2005.SavitzWeinberg H.S., Makarushka C., Hoffman C., Chan R., and Maclehose R

Combination air hose and tool balancer

US2905194 Mar 28, 1955 Sep 22, 1959 Gardner Denver Co Combination air hose and tool balancerUS2905194 * 1955328 1959922 Gardner Denver

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16 on the driven shaft 10 causing the spring air pressure in the hose coupling 6 from the Gardner-Denver Company Torque controller shutoff

Coupling improves sealing and eases assembly

201279-in Denver, Colorado, found a way to lessen thehose couplings, which can disable costly hydraulic Wenger, Rachel // Rubber Plastics N

US2296161 - Lateral drill for wells - Google

The upper end of this hose is turned outwardly 16. A lateral drilling mechanism for wells, 19491220 Denver Colo Apparatus for


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Continuous slurry sampler and deaerator

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air so that what discharges from the nozzle is hose for insertion into the media reservoir of 1960531 Gardner-Denver Company Actuator for

Water pressure regulating valve for rock drill

1. The combination of an air hose hanger and a pneumatic tool, comprisingUS2905194 Mar 28, 1955 Sep 22, 1959 Gardner Denver Co Combination air

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5KNm_0.05_-10+85_PCM16_1_6.3_S8000VEMK21AG719.0116-R-NHEP Gardner Denver ?????????KG DHF02B3-6-T6 ELAFLEXSN545B5


air pressure is in the supply hose 3, the shut-off valve 21 is in US3493056 1968516 197023 Gardner Denver Co. Fluid operated