B3water hose lock in dayton ohio

Vaccum cleaner hose construction having electrical conductors

Assignee: Dayco Corporation (Dayton, OH) and a sealed interior in said hose construction.cooling, liquid cooling such as water, or the

Hose construction

The hose construction comprises a hose having a plurality of integral [73] Assignee: Dayco Corporation, Dayton, Ohio [22] Filed: Dec. 20,

Hose coupling or connector

GROSBERNT, citizens of the United States, residing at Dayton, in the I In a hose-connector, the combination with a faucet, of a nipple having

Dispensing apparatus with indicator and automatic controls

Assignee: Dayton, James M. Primary Class: 222/33 Other Classes: 15/315, 5. A dispensing apparatus for liquids comprising a delivery hose and a

Method of making a reinforced corrugated hose

Method of making a reinforced corrugated hosedoi:US2927625 ARothermel, EdwardUS2927625 Nov 22, 1957 Mar 8, 1960 Dayton Rubber Company Method of

Hose assembly, clip therefor and method of making the same

the hose assembly having fluid passages therein Assignee: Dayco Products, Inc. (Dayton, OH) Classes: F16L39/00; (IPC1-7): B65B3/04

Branched hose construction, hose unit therefor and methods of

hose construction comprising a first tubular hose Assignee: Dayco Products, Inc. (Dayton, OH) 4856823 Coupling with improved locking/unlocking

Method of making hose construction

Assignee: Dayco Corporation (Dayton, OH) Primary Class: 264/83 1. In a method of making a hose construction for conveying fluids having

: Lewis, C.M. (Dayco Corporation, Dayton, OH,

Method of making a reinforced collapsible hose construction: Lewis, C.M. (Dayco Corporation, Dayton, OH, USA) US Pat 4 478 661 (23 October 1984)


rubber compositions, such as tires, belts, hoses, brakes, and the like.Baker Jr., John DaytonCarvagno, Terri RoxanneChapelet, Judicael JacquesCheng

Protective enclosure for service station dispensers

32 which containthe various items to be dispensed, such as water and airDayton Pump And Mfg Company Dispensing pump having motor-driven hose

Extensible hose

Improvement in hose-couplingsEdwin DaytonUS164816 * Mar 9, 1875 Jun 22, 1875 Improvement in hose-couplings

Garden-hose support.

, II C GEORGE IBERNI-IARD, OF DAYTON, OHIO.Hose Supports; and I do declare the following water that may be therein and as shown in Fig

Casing treatment

Water line 4 extending froma source of water supply not shown, is mounted24 1955726 Dayton Rubber Company Method of making flexible hose

Die assemblies

Watkins; Dayton, all of Ohio [73] Assignee: Dayton Progress Corporation,Further, upon application of the air hose, as and when required, a

Delphi Corporation Brake Hose Division Including On-Site

Delphi Corporation Brake Hose Division Including On-Site Leased Workers FromBartech, Acro, Securitas Security Services and Tac Automotive; Dayton, OH; Amended

Corrugated flexible hose

OF DAYTON, OHIO. HOSE-NOZZLE. No. 871,256. Specification of of adapted to interrupt and deflect a portion of 15 the stream of Water at

Method of making a hose clamp with tangential screw

2002519-(5805 Folkestone Dr., Dayton, OH, 45459) 1. A method of making a hose clamp having alocking so that the screw is prevented from

Vacuum cleaner hose assembly, a flexible hose therefor and

lock the end of the tool part in the cuff end of the hose, the cuffAssignee: Dayco Products, Inc. (Dayton, OH) Primary Class: 285/7 Other

Central Vacuum Hose Home and Garden Vacuums -

hose lock feature Measures 3W x 21 3/4D x 15a=1c=1dealId=b3lEofDBR-b_Dyt3ColvRQ%Dayton Vacuum Hose, 9 ft - 5UMR9 Vacuum Hose