B3rubber hose nozzle in singapore

Illuminating fire hose

International Classes: A62B3/00; F21V8/00; ( 5795053 Illuminated fire hose rescue nozzle 1998- to the exterior surface of the rubber hose

In-ground pull-up sprinkler with above ground hose connection

05B15/00; B05B15/10; (IPC1-7): B05B3/ said outlet structure including a nozzle for hose containing a source of water under pressure

Nutating sprinkler with rotary shaft and seal

B05B3/04; B05B3/00; (IPC1-7): B05B3/nozzle, such that said spray plate is caused tosimilarly threaded end of a water supply hose or

Adjustable sprinkler nozzle

An improved sprinkler nozzle comprises a nozzle body having a nozzle received in a recessed seat provided in a peripheral wall of the nozzle body. The

Spray nozzle

A spray nozzle for a showerhead is controllable to deliver a pulsating spray or a continuous spray or a variable combination of the two. Water entering

Side load sprinkler nozzle system

B05B1/30; B05B3/02; B05B1/26; B05B3/hose to a fire hydrant 2002-09-10 Lilley et nozzle is aligned with said flow passage and a

Automatic shut-off nozzle with vapor return seal

nozzle is automatically stopped if the fill pipe B67D7/48; B67D7/54; (IPC1-7): B65B3/to which the body 10 is connected by a hose

Fuel dispensing nozzle hold open clip release assembly

2007215-International Classes: B65B3/04 Field of Search: 2528696 Latching means for hose nozzle valves nozzle continues to dispense fuel witho


2010519-hose and is provided on its surface with a B05B3/06; B08B9/093; (IPC1-7): B05B3/ and a plurality of rubber whip nozzles 18 (

Liquid dispensing nozzle having a sealing arrangement for

Classes: B67D7/54; (IPC1-7): B65B3/18 1. A liquid dispensing nozzle comprising a bodyhose is connected to supply liquid such as

US3596835 - Adjustable turret spray nozzle - Google

nozzle=passage In this movement the plate operatesKasnick Richard A Hose nozzle for fire fighting B05B3/06, F02M65/005, Y10S239/

Multi-nozzle shuttle for a sprinkler head

International Classes: B05B1/16; B05B3/02; Bhose to a fire hydrant September, 2002 Lilley nozzle shuttle supporting at least two nozzles and

Suction nozzle, suction device, gas filling device, gas

International Classes: B65B1/04; B65B3/04 nozzle when the suction nozzle is interlocked with a valve 420, a supply hose 430 and a

Lawn water shower

hose and for anchoring a hollow tube in the Classes: B05B3/04; (IPC1-7): B05B3/04 nozzle 18 include stiff rubber, polyethylene and

Liquid dispensing nozzle having vapor recovery sealing

Classes: B67D7/54; (IPC1-7): B65B3/18 12. A liquid dispensing nozzle comprising a hose is connected to supply liquid such as

Swiveling nozzle for unclog hoses description

The invention relates to a swiveling nozzle for unclog hoses particularly designed for accessing pipes with interruptions in their course. It has a head

Application of heat to control vegetation

hose 20 and is ejected from the nozzle 21 over the ground over which A shroud 22 formed of for example, rubber or plastic flaps or even a

Water extraction cleaning machine with variable solution

F16K31/54; H05B3/00; (IPC1-7): A47L7/hose from an external source to a floor nozzle and a ball 290 or conical rubber plug is


9. The combination with a hose-nozzle, and a coupling collar having lugs, of a shield, having a fiange formed with openings to receive the lugs of

Vapor control in a fuel dispensing nozzle

Disclosed are various improvements in the vapor handling arrangements of a conventional fuel dispensing nozzle. In particular, there is shown a vapor shut-


F16L39/00; (IPC1-7): B65B1/04; B65B3/ and connecting the filling nozzle to the secondpressure hose 29 which is held by a screw

Upright extraction cleaning machine with flow rate indicator

F16K31/54; H05B3/00; (IPC1-7): A47L9/nozzle for applying liquid to a surface to be hose and cord wrap 20 that is adapted to

US5333787 - Nozzle with self controlled oscillation -

said nozzle comprising a stationary segment having22, preferably formed of a rubber-like substance water hoses, leaf blowers, irrigation nozzles

Extruder system for extruding a fluid

International Classes: B28B3/20 Field of Search:nozzle outlet, wherein an inner surface of the “hose” can be reduced almost as far as the

Fire hose nozzle

A fire hose nozzle composed of a hollow handgrip portion and a rotatable nose section providing for the choice of any of a plurality of different sized

Shaft seal with grease retainer

nozzle and impinging on the plate; and a shaftattachment to a water inlet hose, pipe or the The rubber (or similar) seal 68 is located