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Method of metals recovery from refinery residues

C22B7/00; C22B34/34; C22B3/26; C22B3/12; C22B3/44; C22B23/02;Possible variations involve power production from produced steam. It is

Method and means for stabilizing gravel packs

2007719- E21B43/08; E21B34/08; E21B43/04; (IPC1-7): E21B43/04 pressures are unbalanced at the time steam flow is first started into the

Gas-fired smelting apparatus and process

C22B7/04; C22B34/22; C22C33/00; F23G5/08about three to five inches produces excellent steam generation unit where the steam is used to

Varying pore size in a well screen

E21B34/06; E21B43/08; E21B43/14; E21B43/10; H01F1/03 Field of (such as, in steam flood, water flood, gas drive, geothermal, stimulation

Process of treating iron ores containing chromium and related

International Classes: C22B34/32 View Patent Images: Download PDF 2409428 This is done by the described use of steam and carbon in the kiln

Steam-operated emergency valve for oil and gas wells

2005219-Steam-operated emergency valve for oil and gas wells United States Patent International Classes: E21B34/02; F16K31/122 View Patent Images

Treatment of titanium-bearing materials

2007719-International Classes: C22B34/12 View Patent Images: Download PDF 2288727 (steam) and NH3 fume at a pressure of from 2 to 10 atmospheres,

Apparatus for enhanced oil recovery

An impingement device in a side pocket mandrel or other downhole tools for injecting a predetermined quality of steam in one or more zones of a

Eliminating sulfur dioxide by-product from roasting the

20071020-International Classes: E21B34/06 Claims: We claim: 1. An apparatus for (in this case the Undesired Fluid is steam at the saturation tempe

Process for extracting titanium values from titaniferous

B01D11/02; B01D11/04; C01G23/00; C22B34/ large quantities of steam and sulfur trioxide (pounds per square inch gauge) was introduced in

A system for controlling a downhole device in a wellbore

E21B23/03; E21B33/127; E21B34/10; E21B37/06; E21B41/00; E21B41/ Thus, by using steam one accomplishes both objectives of the injection

Mechanical sliding sleeve

International Classes: E21B34/14 Field of Search: 166/332.1, 166/332.4 Steam Shield 2000 available from Sealweld Corporation of Calgary, Alberta,

Process of recovering soluble titanium compounds from titani

International Classes: C22B34/12 View Patent Images: Download PDF 2098025 or again we might introduce some live steam into the mixture when it

Process for production of pigmentary titanium dioxide

C01G23/047; C01G23/02; C22B34/12; (IPC1-7): C01G23/06; C01G23/It is desirable that the passage of the steam and the subsequent cooling

Misaligning wellhead system

E21B34/02 E21B19/24 E21B19/00 E21B34/00 wellhead can be limited to only 36 inches.1999824 2001123 Steam-Flo


International Classes: E21B43/24; E21B34/08 View Patent Images: Download 15. A method for treating a SAGD formation comprising: circulating steam


A method of controlling flow of steam in a well can include providing a International Classes: E21B34/06; E21B34/08; E21B43/12 View Patent Images

Treatment of tungsten ores

2002519-International Classes: C22B34/36 View Patent Images: Download PDF 2394362 steam pressure of 145 pounds per square inch, only 42.2% of the

Method for recovering vanadium from petroleum coke

steam in the presence of an alkali metal salt International Classes: C22B34/22; (IPC1-7): per square inch gauge (psig). However, since

Rumen Fermentation and Animal Performance as Influenced by

steam-flaked sorghum grain (bulk [flake] density of 437, 360, and 283 and 42.2% for B34, B28, and B22, respectively (linear, P less than


International Classes: E21B43/12; E21B34/08; 3 x 0.125 inches (0.318 centimeters); 2 X or to inject more steam and less water),

In situ hydrogenation of hydrocarbons in underground formations

2009819-and steam are injected from the restricted outlet C01B3/48; E21B34/16; E21B36/00; E21B36/inch thick while the wall of the inner shell

An injection evaluation system

E21B23/03; E21B33/127; E21B34/10; E21B37/06; E21B41/00; E21B41/steam or water will merely run underneath the layer of oil at the top

Method and apparatus for high temperature production of metals

C22B26/22; C22B5/04; C22B5/12; C22B5/16; C22B34/32; C22B47/00with water to separate the magnesium oxide, treating MgCl2 with steam, etc

Reduction of iron in titanium ore

steam and optionally at least one of CO and CO2 wherein the H2 + CO C01G23/04; C22B34/12; C01G23/00; C22B34/00; (IPC1-7): C01G23/