B31 air hose coupler professional

Radiator hose separator pliers construction

Radiator hose separator pliers constructionUS 4571808 A An improved tool201311 Swinford Eric R Tool for disconnecting an air-hose coupler

Hydraulic hose coupler

A hydraulic hose coupler for enabling an operator to easily connect and disconnect a hydraulic hose from a spool valve. The hydraulic hose coupler

Air hose hanger for a rail way vehicle

An air hose hanger for supporting flexible air hoses of a trainline The head is attached to the coupler at three preformed holes formed in

leaks in a pressurized air conditioning or

F25B45/00; F25B31/00; (IPC1-7): B65B3/ pressurized air conditioning or refrigeration systemcoupling means to form a closed binary system,

Hose-coupling lock.

In the drawings the numerals l and 4l indicate two sections of air-brake hose to each of which in common practice a coupler head of well known const

Air-brake hose-coupling.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of anair-brake hose-coupling constructed in accordance with this invention and showing two coupler-heads

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2006919-Tool coupler United States Patent 1808944 Inventors: Brown, Ray W. International Classes: B23B31/117; B23Q5/04 View Patent Images: Downlo

Firefighters portable water reservoir and method of making

A62B17/00; A62C15/00; (IPC1-7): B31B39/60; B31B39/68; B31B41/ the outlet fitting and quick disconnect coupler for the hose of the pump

Automatic dryer air outlet hose quick-disconnect coupling

Automatic dryer air outlet hose quick-disconnect couplingA dual coupler assembly to be mounted to the back wall of an automatic clothes drying machine for

Gate assembly for tufting machine

[0097] The coupler 304 is in the form of an air hose coupler having a nipple 316. Although not shoWn, an air hose can have an air hose nipple

Position or speed sensing apparatus

In the control circuit side 2, the insulating elements 10 and 11 such as a photocoupler or a pulse transformer receive the signals A31 and B31 and

Air and signal line connection for retractable couplers

2004319-This invention relates to the air and signal lines used in railway trains and more particularly to hose connections employed with retractabl

Hose coupler

The hose coupler has the advantages of firm connection, good air impermeability, long service life, shorter processing time, and low cost.

Fire-fighting hose coupler

the hose is prevented from stripping from the binding post, the airtightness at the hose coupler is improved, convenience is brought for production and th

Coupler Plug Kit M Style Fitting Compressor Air Tool Hose

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Professional quick coupler of aluminum alloy materials CNC US $1.00-5.00Brass Air Hose Quick Connect Coupler For Oxygen/Fuel Gas US $3.00-4

Air hose coupling device

The present invention describes an automatic hose connector for a railway car, comprising a coupler head adapted to mate with the corresponding coupler head

barb , id (mm) with 9 10 14.6 , good to use quick coupler

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estimation of waveguide directional coupler

Classes: H01P5/18; (IPC1-7): B32B31/00 coupler having first and second waveguides connectedcleaned by using water, forced air, or the

Railroad car coupler gap analyzer

Railroad car coupler gap analyzerdoi:US20060231685 A1In trains a dragging air hose can snag an object on the tracks and break. A broken air hose can

Automatic coupler for air line hose of railway cars

Automatic coupler for air line hose of railway carsdoi:US1804509 AJohn, Noffsinger


2002821-coupler that is capable of providing attractive magnetic force between the B23B31/02; B24B9/14; B24B13/005; G02B7/02; (IPC1-7): G02B3/


2003419- G03C1/00; G03B31/00; G03C7/24; G11B7/243; G11B7/244; (IPC1-7coupler capable of forming a yellow dye by reacting with the oxidation

Releasable coupler for two machine parts, one with

2001519-Releasable coupler for two machine parts, one with cylindrical or conical B23B31/107 B23B31/113 (IPC1-7): B23B31/06 B23B31/107

Film sag detecting device for sound cinecamera

G03B1/54; G03B1/56; G03B31/00; G03B31/02; G03B1/00; G03B31/00;easily and film sag is accurately detected by said opto-electronic coupler

Airhose damage protection

Airhose coupling device including end fittings and quick disconnect release switches having protection for preventing damage to surfaces coming in contact the