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Golf ball with vapor barrier layer

A63B37/12; A63B45/00; C08L81/04; (IPC and synthetic or natural vulcanized rubber such inch, so long as the diameter of the ball

Electropolishing method for oil field tubular goods and drill

E21B17/00; E21B37/06; (IPC1-7): E21B17/inches; subjecting each inside diameter surface tohoses connected to the threaded ends using

Golf ball with liquid center

A63B37/08; A63B37/00; A63B37/04; A63B37about 1.15 inches and is about 0.8 inches rubber modified polyolefins, polymers formed with

Ball and method of making same

such as a rag or sheet rubber, (2) cohesive3B45/00; (IPC1-7): A63B37/06; A63B37/inches by about 22 inches is the preferred

Golf ball with polysulfide rubber layer

A63B37/08 A63B45/00 A63B37/00 C08L81/rubber Polysulfide rubber may be applied to the inches to about 0.1 inches, and comprises at

Wound golf ball with high resilience for low swing speed

20121220-3B37/12; (IPC1-7): A63B37/06; A63B37/07inch or greater, a cover, and a wound layer thereof, such as a rubber/metal multi-layer


Classes: A63B37/04; A63B37/00; A63B37/12 with a diameter of about 1.50 inches) by , isoprene or ethylene-butylene rubber,

Golf ball with covered dimples

International Classes: A63B37/14; A63B37/00 inch to 0.100 inch, the cover layer composed ionomer rubber blend, ionomer and thermoplastic

Apparatus for forming polyurethane covers for golf balls

A63B37/08; A63B45/00; B29C33/30; B29wound core or allow the rubber strands to inch preferable about 0.050 inches and, as

Golf ball

A63B53/00; A63B37/00; A63B53/04; A63B69/36; (IPC1-7): A63Binch to 2.0 inches, the longitudinal segment intersecting a mid-point of

Finger hole insert for bowling balls

Classes: A63B37/00; (IPC1-7): A63B37/00Such inserts are hose-type rubber elements which inch in the area of the flat 12 which extends

Polishing pad, polishing apparatus and polishing method

Then, a mirror polishing was applied to the 8-inch silicon wafer by recess configuration and impregnated with rubber to a rotatable SUS plate 225

Golf ball formed from a polyisocyanate copolymer and method

C08G18/74; A63B37/00; A63B37/06; A63B37inch to 0.20 inch, a golf ball intermediate wound ball in which a vulcanized rubber thread

Golf Ball having High Surface Friction

International Classes: A63B37/12; A63B37/00 inches to 0.01 inches, and wherein the cured (i.e., shafts, hosels, and grips); golf

56.7 2 Oz (60 ml) B37-12CL

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Golf ball and method of making same

A63B37/00; A63B37/06; A63B37/08; (IPC1-7): A63B37/06; A63inch and 1/4 inch, said rubber shell having the structural characteristics

Compositions for use in golf balls

08L21/00; C08L75/00; (IPC1-7): A63B37/ a first golf ball with a 1.505 inch core of the base rubber being a polybutadiene or a

Golf ball

2009420-International Classes: A63B37/12 Field of Searchinch to 0.100 inch and the innersphere of ionomer rubber blend, ionomer and thermopla