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Brake hose and method for manufacturing brake hose

B32B1/08; B32B25/10; F16L11/08; (IPC1-7 the brake hose comprising: an inner tube rubber Primarily in order to achieve oil resistance,

Multilayer rubber hose with vulcanization of diene-ethylene

hose H2 having an inner tube 11 formed of twooil 40 50 50 72.5 90 80 90 Stearic acid 3 B32B1/08, B29D22/00, B32B25/04

high pressure, low permeation multilayer hose - Google

A reinforced, high pressure hose is disclosed for use in the transport of high pressure fluids. The hose includes a multilayered inner tube capable of

High processable aromatic polyamide fibers, their production

B32B25/02; A41D31/00; B32B5/02; B32B27/34esteroil lubricant, consisting of an ester, hoses, belts, ropes and cables including optical

Fluid-impermeable composite hose

A fluid-impermeable composite hose has a laminated layer having a high impermeability to a refrigerant, etc. and held between two resin layers having a

Method of making hose

A method for making hose including the steps of spiralling plies of thermoplastic tubing over a vulcanizable elastomeric tube where the tubing of successive

Hose for refrigerant for an electrically driven compressor

A hose for conveying a refrigerant to an electrically driven compressor in an automobile air conditioner has a wall formed by at least an innermost thin

Reinforced rubber hose

A reinforced rubber hose including an inner tube and a reinforcing yarn layer externally contacting the inner tube. The inner tube includes at least an

Hose construction containing thermoplastic fluoropolymer

20061020-The present invention relates to a hose construction containing a thermoplastic fluoropolymer barrier and an epichlorohydrin rubber layer. T

Refrigerant transporting hose

B32B1/08; B32B7/12; B32B27/30; B32B27/34hose which comprises: an innermost layer consisting novolac-hexa resin, oil-modified resin and the

Multilayer polymer hose line or tubing havein reduced length

C08L53/02; C08L77/00; (IPC1-7): B32 1. A multilayer polymer hose line or tubing methyl tall oil bis-2-hydroxyethyl-ammoniumchloride

Vinyl acetate copolymers in hoses

A multilayer automotive hose includes an innermost layer of elastomer material, and a separate outermost layer of elastomer material, each including between

High pressure hose suitable for conveying gases and gas-

A flexible, multilayer high-pressure hose with a diameter over 50 mm. It is suitable for conveying gases and gas-containing fluids. The hose contains

Rubber-fiber laminate and hose using the same

oil and to heat and which are comprised F16L11/08; (IPC1-7): B32B1/08; F16L11/hose comprising (a) an inner tube formed from

Heat resistant air hose

A heat resistant air hose which is excellent in oil-bleeding resistance and causes reduced vibration noise is provided. The heat resistant air hose has


20071120- C08L27/12; B32B25/08; B32B25/14; B32B27/ oil seals, diaphragms, hoses, rolls, sheeting the fluoroelastomers produced with the new cu

Refrigerant hose

A hose (10) comprising a core layer (12), at least one reinforcement layer (20), and a cover layer (22), the core layer is comprised of inner

Fuel hose

B32B1/08; B32B27/18; B32B27/36; F16L11/04 the fuel hose having a plural-layer structure, compressed natural gas (CNG), light oil or

Hose with releasable float for leak detection

An object of the present invention is to provide a hose of low cost, which can be installed very easily, which remains reliable over a long period

Charge-air hose for motor vehicles having two knit plies

B32B1/08; B32B5/02; B32B25/10; D04B1/22hose; and said first knit ply and said second Furthermore, high oil resistance, good adhesion

interpolymers and the use of such blends in hoses

F16L11/127; B32B1/08; B32B25/08; B32B25/14; C08K3/04; C08L27/ oil hoses, and the like where severe chemical resistance or vapor

Elastomer compositions for use in a hydrocarbon resistant hose

and a method for preparing the hose are B32B1/08; C08K3/04; C08K3/26; C08K3/ oils, organic esters, organic phosphate esters


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Multilayer hose for conveying motor vehicle fluids

A multilayer hose for conveying a motor vehicle fluid, the hose comprising: pan inner layer of polyamide; /ppan intermediate layer based on