B31 air hose coupler in brazil


International Classes: E21B23/10; E21B31/113; (IPC1-7): E21B23/00 36 extending through a transverse bore in the coupler socket and piston rod

Tool shaft coupler

Apparatus and methods for coupling a driving shaft and a mating tool A61B17/16; B23B31/107; A61B17/00; A61C1/14; (IPC1-7): B23

Camera having a magnetic head and film means for cleaning the

G03B17/00; G03B17/24; G03B17/42; G03B31/02; G11B31/00; (IPC1-7coupler 3 is not incremented in spite of the rotation of the winding

hole excitation system for loosening drill pipe stuck in a

E21B7/24; E21B10/24; E21B31/00; (IPC1-7): E21B31/16 Field of threadably attached to the end of pipe 16 by means of threaded coupler


2003420- B23D47/04; B23D59/00; B27B27/02; B27B27/10; B27B31/00; B27G1/ and a rigid coupling device connecting the carriage to the fence structure

Clamping device for hollow parts

20101020-International Classes: B23B31/20; (IPC1-7): B23B31/20 Field of SearchThe machine tool includes a fastener nut threaded to a coupler of th

Vehicle-carried air compression device

International Classes: B65B31/00; B29C73/16; B60S5/04 Field of Search:coupling portion for connecting with the air nipple of the tire, with a

Environmentally robust fiber optic coupler and method

A fiber optic coupler is formed by inserting a plurality of optical fibers into the longitudinal bore of a glass tube so that at least a portion of

Tool coupler

2006919-Tool coupler United States Patent 1808944 Inventors: Brown, Ray W. International Classes: B23B31/117; B23Q5/04 View Patent Images: Downlo

Belt conveyor assembly for chamber packaging machines

B65B31/02; B65G21/10; (IPC1-7): B65Gcoupling to the machine table in order to which removes air from the individual packages


20081119- Coupler mechanism including a drive shaft adapted for coupling a drive B23B31/12; B23G1/22; (IPC1-7): B23G1/44; B23G1/52

CEJN flat-face hydraulic couplings.(Equipment Gallery)

CEJN flat-face hydraulic couplings.(Equipment Gallery)

Film sag detecting device for sound cinecamera

G03B1/54; G03B1/56; G03B31/00; G03B31/02; G03B1/00; G03B31/00;easily and film sag is accurately detected by said opto-electronic coupler

Method of and machine for assembling cardboard cases

Classes: B31B5/76; (IPC1-7): B31B5/78 (12) is lifted, thereby allowing air to flow which is connected to piston 184 by coupler

Data recording apparatus for a camera

G03B17/18; G03B17/00; G03B17/24; G11B31/00; (IPC1-7): G03B17/9. Above the magazine compartment 154, a coupler gear 140 is provided so

Charge motion control valve actuator

F02B31/06 F16K31/54 F02D2250/16 Y02T10/airflow through an intake manifold of an internal said coupler allowing said driven shaft to be

Double-headed tent stake driver and puller having twin

Secretary of the Air Force (Washington, DC, US B23B31/107; B25B27/02; B25D1/16; (IPC1 a coupler on said distal end of said shaft,

Swimming hand paddle

International Classes: A63B31/10; A63B31/08 Field of Search: 441/56, coupling to the wrist member; wherein the hand paddle system include a


B31B1/74; (IPC1-7): B31B1/74; B31B1/28 preferably air, are pressure member couplers, so

Self-contained collet adaptor

A hollow body and drawbar coupler connect to form a collet adaptor with external configuration matching that of a commonly available draw-style spring


International Classes: E21B31/06 Related US Applications:20090211762 Detachable coupling the anchor to the inner sleeve; using the holder to retain a

Tool shaft coupler

Apparatus and methods for coupling a driving shaft and a mating tool A61B17/16; B23B31/107; A61B17/00; A61C1/14; (IPC1-7): B23

System for controlling the transmitting power of a multiband

characterized in that there is an electromagnetic coupling (CP) between the first (B31; B51) and the second (B32; B52) radiating elements, the

Plasma treatment apparatus

H01J7/24; H01J37/32; H01L21/306; H01L21/31; H01L21/316; H05B31/coupler plate 61′, the second hollow copper tube 65′, the coupler plate

power connector assembly140216A951COUPLER motor140315W772

Underwater friction welding for electrical couplings - Case Study 173

Manual robotic tool changer having rapid coupling mechanism

International Classes: B23B31/22 Field of Searchcoupler affixed thereto, to a robot having the or where there is no way to provide air or