B3steam water hose in france

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Abstract: A cooking oven is heated by steam produced by heating, esp. electrically, the water in a container below the oven floor. Circulated steam


C01B3/32; C01B3/50; C01B3/52; C25B1/04;water steam droplets, condensed water or other with the interconnected pipe/tubing or hose

Method for condensing a gas in a liquid medium

International Classes: F28B3/06; (IPC1-7): Attorney, Agent or Firm: French, And Doescher water by said steam condensing in said body of

Immersion heaters with heating elements in the form of

H05B3/00; H05B3/26; H05B3/82; (IPC1-7): H05B1/02 This allows steam produced by water boiling within the vessel to operate

Water recovery for a fuel cell system

C01B3/38; H01M8/00; H01M8/04; H01M8/10; 64 avenue de la Plaine de France, Paris Nordwater and the recovered water or steam can be

Production of steam in the manufacture of phosphorus acids

ling essential proportions of thesteam needed inthe reaction of atleast atmospheric pres- ,Y sure: from the Water contained in the said condenser, and

a high amylose starch and water; suspension to steam jet

an excess of steam is generally used which drives the water gas shift C01B3/38, C01B2203/1052, C01B2203/1082, C01B3/40, C01B

Accelerated water evaporation system

B01D1/00; B01D1/16; F22B3/04; F22B27/16(water to steam as an example), remove Naturally, the regulators, hoses and other

Hydrocarbon steam reforming

The tobacco stream conditioning system is used in a cigarette factory. Tobacco (12) enters the top end of a vertical pipe and passes a rotating feed

Improvement in steam-generators

The action of this whole apparatus, as described, in the generation of steam is as follows: Water is supplied to the generatingvessels by any suitable

Process for cracking ammonia present in a gas containing

C01B3/00; C01B17/00; (IPC1-7): C01C3/ in French patent FR-A-2 662 158, which is steam, is introduced into the catalytic cracking

gas system, comprises supplying methane-feed to steam

2009526-steam reforming, using a part (11) of the water vapor over a catalyst in to a methane-International Classes: C01B3/32 C01B3/38 Claims:

and inorganic residues into gas for use as fuel in fue

Water evaporates as process steam at 150 degrees C by indirect heat in C01B3/12 C01B3/22 C10J3/20 C10J3/26 (IPC1-7): C10J1/00 C01B3/

System and method for early detection of contaminants in a

International Classes: C01B3/38; H01M8/04; H01 measuring a concentration of water in a hydrogen as well as in the context of a steam

Portable steam generating system

steam water droplet separation system plus a high F22B1/28; (IPC1-7): F24H1/10; H05B3/78hose configured to substantially reduce steam heat

the two-stage selective oxidation of carbon monoxide in a

B01D53/86; B01J8/04; C01B3/58; (IPC1-7 the initial gaseous mixture produced by steam (in addition, water vapor can be present in

fibrous materials and sheetings in plastic, paper and metals

International Classes: D06B3/14; (IPC1-7): D06B3/10 Field of Search:sleeves a trickle of boiling water to be transformed into superheated steam

Steam dryer control method

2011620-International Classes: F26B3/00; F26B5/04; F26steam heater; turning on a water supply valve into the drum through a steam hose (not sh

Method and apparatus of cooking food in a lightwave oven

G01L1/14; G05D1/08; H05B3/00; H05B3/10; (IPC1-7): H05B1/02; Steam goes off the surface at 212° F. so as long as surface water or