B34 inch steam hose sale

Simulation studies on simultaneous saccharification and

Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of steam exploded wheat straw cellulose to ethanol, The Chemical Engineering Journal 45(2): B27 - B34,

Apparatus for enhanced oil recovery

An impingement device in a side pocket mandrel or other downhole tools for injecting a predetermined quality of steam in one or more zones of a

Steam-operated emergency valve for oil and gas wells

2005219-Steam-operated emergency valve for oil and gas wells United States Patent International Classes: E21B34/02; F16K31/122 View Patent Images

Hydrogen generating system

C01B3/36; C01B3/48; E21B34/16; E21B36/00inch thick while the wall of the inner shell steam for injection into the formations for

Eliminating sulfur dioxide by-product from roasting the

2009819-and steam are injected from the restricted outlet C01B3/48; E21B34/16; E21B36/00; E21B36/inch thick while the wall of the inner shell

A system for controlling a downhole device in a wellbore

E21B23/03; E21B33/127; E21B34/10; E21B37/06; E21B41/00; E21B41/ Thus, by using steam one accomplishes both objectives of the injection

Reduction of iron in titanium ore

steam and optionally at least one of CO and CO2 wherein the H2 + CO C01G23/04; C22B34/12; C01G23/00; C22B34/00; (IPC1-7): C01G23/


International Classes: E21B43/12; E21B34/08; 3 x 0.125 inches (0.318 centimeters); 2 X or to inject more steam and less water),

Pressure regulating and relief valve assembly

E21B34/06; E21B43/24; E21B34/00; E21B43/16; (IPC1-7): E21B43/steam pressure exceeds a second predetermined value higher than said first

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Fluid control means for geothermal wells

A flow control valve 30 between a geothermal wellhead and a steam separator 22 is responsive to fluid pressure flowing through the wellhead to the

An injection evaluation system

E21B23/03; E21B33/127; E21B34/10; E21B37/06; E21B41/00; E21B41/steam or water will merely run underneath the layer of oil at the top


20071020-International Classes: E21B34/06 Claims: We claim: 1. An apparatus for (in this case the Undesired Fluid is steam at the saturation tempe

Process for extracting titanium values from titaniferous

B01D11/02; B01D11/04; C01G23/00; C22B34/ large quantities of steam and sulfur trioxide (pounds per square inch gauge) was introduced in

Metal carbonate recycle to reduction circuit in the cuprion

2011319- C22B34/34; C22B47/00; (IPC1-7): C01G3/steam stripped to remove ammonia and carbon to reduce the raw nodules to minus one inch

Process for the removal of from oxide coatings iron zir

20061019- C01B33/20; C22B34/14; (IPC1-7): C01G25/00; C01G49/00 Field of steam may be introduced to maintain and/or raise the attritioning

Tool for controlling fluid flow at remote locations

2012719-International Classes: E21B34/12; E21B43/00; (IPC1-7): E21B43/00 steam injection oil wells and otherwise subjected to conditions of high

Production of water-soluble titanium compounds

2010719-International Classes: C22B34/12 View Patent Images: Download PDF 2180961 the reaction being set off by the subsequent injection of stea

Method and means for stabilizing gravel packs

2007719- E21B43/08; E21B34/08; E21B43/04; (IPC1-7): E21B43/04 pressures are unbalanced at the time steam flow is first started into the

Treatment of tungsten ores

2002519-International Classes: C22B34/36 View Patent Images: Download PDF 2394362 steam pressure of 145 pounds per square inch, only 42.2% of the

Fluid bed reduction to produce flowable molybdenum metal

C01G39/02; C22B34/34; (IPC1-7): C22B34/steam, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide to control inch in diameter and 1/8 inch long, flow

Method of treating ferruginous minerals containing other

International Classes: C22B1/02; C22B1/11; C22B1/14; C22B34/12 The admission of air, water or possibly steam is carried out under

Method of metals recovery from refinery residues

C22B7/00; C22B34/34; C22B3/26; C22B3/12; C22B3/44; C22B23/02;Possible variations involve power production from produced steam. It is

Partial oxidation process including the concentration of

C10J3/46; C21B3/04; C22B23/02; C22B34/22; (IPC1-7): C21B3/04Suitable temperature moderators include steam, water, CO2 -rich gas, liquid


2014930-A system and method of measuring and controlling the operation of a downhole steam generator. The system may include surface and/or downhole

Process for production of pigmentary titanium dioxide

C01G23/047; C01G23/02; C22B34/12; (IPC1-7): C01G23/06; C01G23/It is desirable that the passage of the steam and the subsequent cooling