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Concrete armor unit to protect coastal and hydraulic

E02B3/04; E02B3/12; (IPC1-7): E02B3/hydraulic structures and shorelines 1995-08-15 Practical difficulties result in the manufacture,

Control apparatus for hydraulic machines

for hydraulic pumps and reversible turbines, hoses 8 communicating with an oil supply pipe and reduces the amount of labour in manufacture

Molding precursor, process for producing molded fiber-

an RTM method includes disposing a molding The mold elevator 1 has a hydraulic unit 9 the base material B3 was disposed to overlie

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manufacture, the intended use of which, when insoftener means padding or hoses that are usedB3J 2T8 Phone: (902)424-5400 or 1-800-9


This invention relates to a hydraulic system for example for use in an earth moving machine, an excavator, a jib crane, or a corresponding machine for


and an hydraulic system for raising and lowering the load support through B66F9/20; B60P5/00; B62B3/06; B62B3/065; B62B5/06; (IPC1-7)

Moldboard plow

2006619- A01B3/421; A01B15/14; (IPC1-7): A01B3/ yet inexpensive and easy to manufacture, installhydraulic hoses (not shown) to an operating

Apparatus for elevating wheeled vehicle

an apparatus for supporting a wheeled vehicle in reduction in the cost of manufacture is achieved trackway members are designated B3, D3

Sprinkler device

B05B1/28; B05B3/04; (IPC1-7): B05B3/hydraulic pressure thereon causing pivoting of thean outlet port of a water hose for constricting

each end of adjacent rod sections and actuated by hydraulic

B3 Abstract: The form locking rod tensioner for two rod or profile An hydraulic actuator has two cylinders (4) extending between one coupling

Variable speed hydraulic power transmission device

International Classes: F01B3/00 View Patent Images simple and cheap in manufacture, as well as 2. An hydraulic unit adapted for use as a

US4558593 - Failure detection system for hydraulic pumps

To facilitate construction of an hydraulic dam, a water fillable barrier has a tubular water fillable portion with a tongue projecting from one end. The

method for vehicle - having spring legs with hydraulic or

2008119-In an hydraulic chamber at each spring leg fluid flow is controlled by a valve controlled from a central logic circuit. These hydraulic cham

Dual pump transmission

F04B3/00; F04B23/06; F04B23/10; F16D31/hydraulic pump and having an axis parallel and hydraulic hoses 170a and 170b from system ports

195 LQG control of an hydraulic actuator with a flexible

195 LQG control of an hydraulic actuator with a flexible mechanical load: S. Gunnarsson, P. Krus, pp 935–938Show moreShow less

Hydraulic coupler with cam actuator

low cost to manufacture, and does not require hydraulic hose 27 coming from a suitable control an external groove 52 on the outer pheriphery


Control apparatus, for hydraulic pumps and International Classes: F03B3/18; F04D29/46; (hoses 8 communicating with an oil supply pipe


2001919-an internal hollow part-toroidal core ring and B23P15/00; F03B3/12; F16D33/20; F16H41/manufacture of a hydraulic coupling member incl

Self-monitored fluid pressure booster system

hydraulic pressure so that an entire system does manufacture and requiring high quality maintenance. F04D13/043, F15B3/00


2012319-International Classes: B66C23/80; F15B3/00; (an end of the beam comprising: a hydraulic There are hose connections (not shown) to the

Hydraulic control circuit for automatic transmission

A hydraulic control circuit for an automatic transmission which has a plurality of hydraulic type frictional engagement elements for switching gear stages and

Pipe winding device hydraulic system and piling machinery

between a first port is provided with an oil wherein the hydraulic hose reel, characterized E02F5/14, F15B11/02, E21B3/02, F15B13/02

Hydraulic motor and control therefor

This invention relates to hydraulic motors and has for its object to provide a construction of hydraulic motor particularly suitable for use on board ship

Using water wisely

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Pneumatic-hydraulic pressure converter

International Classes: F15B3/00 View Patent Imageshydraulic piston 14, the liquid within the hose reduce the cost of manufacture of the assemblage

Method and apparatus for filling containers with a relatively

B28B13/02; B65B3/04; B65B37/04; B65B63hydraulic cylinder 150 and an associated piston hoses or similar spraying devices for manually