B3oil tanker hose professional

System for offshore liquefaction

F17C3/08; B63B22/02; E02B3/24; F17C7/ and discharge its cargo to a trading tanker. gas loading arms can be replaced with hoses

Double skin tanker

2006213-The invention relates to a double skin tanker with a steel outer skin made and a steel inner skin that, at a distance from the outer skin, s

system for attachent to a liquid manure tanker comprises

Double pivot distributer system for attachent to a liquid manure tanker comprises two pivot distributers with roughly vertical nozzle pipes at the ends of

GP B3 - Oil Products Tanker: | IMO 9555199,

The utility model discloses a safe oil tanker, in particular to a water transport oil tanker for crude oil and other liquids, which comprises an oil

assembly for filling firefighting backpack tanks

International Classes: B65B3/16 View Patent and d) said fluid delivery hose includes an tank and collapsible bag-type reservoirs of

Ballistic resistant and self-repairing structures for rail

been proposed for such rail cars and tankers. (L3, analogous to B3 and U3 fibers) is wovenfabrics as well as the intake and exit hoses)

Method for liquefaction of natural gas offshore

F17C3/08; B63B22/02; E02B3/24; F17C7/ further comprising using at least two hoses tanker involves first flowing well gas from the

for avoiding environmental damage in tanker,

2011319-To avoid oil catastrophes and chemical accidents at sea, it is proposed in the case of a double-hull tanker to foam out the double hull and

Tanker reconstruction memthod and improved tanker thereby

One kinds of method of transformation tanker, the tankers hull includes a bow section, an intermediate oil and an aft cabin section, the method

Method for treating waste water used in alkali metal

C02F1/48; C22B3/22; C02F1/04; (IPC1-7): B01D35/06; B01D35/18(34) which is then directed to a feed tank (406), and a scum box


(Bl, B2, B3), wherein said pressure gauge (B l, B2, B3) is oil tanker 1 and conduits 3 extend from the level measuring unit housing


tankers at locations including an offshore oil loading arms or hoses, not shown, can be


PRODUCT TANKER TRADES: SPECIAL REPORT..Petroleum productsShippingNo abstract provided.《Fairplay International Shipping Weekly》

Navy frigate HNoMS Helge Ingstad collided with oil tanker

Norwegian Navy frigate HNoMS Helge Ingstad collided with oil tanker in Sture, north of Bergen, Norway.The warship was returning from #NATO #Trident


A double-hulled tanker of not less than of not less than about 2,000 metric tons deadweight in size which is suitable for the transportation of

Double-hulled vessel construction having vertical double-

International Classes: B63B3/20; B63B3/62; (IPC1-7): B63B3/68 oil for powering the tanker 80, for cargo slops, and/or for water

Method of constructing low temperature liquefied gas tanker

A method of constructing low temperature liquefied gas tanker ships equipped F17C3/00; B63B9/00; B63B9/06; B63B25/16; (IPC1-7): B63B3/02


The article describes the propulsion system on the chemical tanker BERGEN recently delivered from the Cing Fu shipyard in Taiwan to Fram Shipping. Each

Weathervaning LNG offloading system

B63B3/24; B63B22/02; B63B27/24; E02B3/20 3999498 Articulated loading arm with end hoses the tanker vessel being connected to the mooring

Method for conversion of a tanker

A tanker (1) is converted to a floating production ship by a vertical opening (1) being cut out in the hull (1) and a cassette-like plate

Vessel hull, construction method, and assembly fixture

B63B3/16; B63B3/12; B63B3/20; B63B3/22; B63B9/06; (IPC1-7): tankers with almost complete double hulls, and oil and product tankers with

Vessel hull and construction method

B63B3/16; B63B3/12; B63B3/20; B63B3/22; B63B9/06; (IPC1-7): tankers with almost complete double hulls, and oil and product tankers with


pertaining to input gearing for driving an oil Stolterfoht Ag Driving system for a tanker DE102004049328B3 * 2004109 200622

Apparatus for providing resistance to cargo spills

200729-A non-permeable bladder is used for transporting oil within a steel compartment onboard an oil tanker. The bladder is contained within a mes

Apparatus for simultaneously filling a plurality of

B65B3/26; B65B3/28; B65B3/30; B67C3/00; G01F13/00; (IPC1- such as a tanker or the like is to be supplied during the filling of

Spill curtailing tool

B65B3/04; B29B15/00; B29C31/04; B65D85hoses for selectively opening said hoses; said to stop a spill from a damaged tanker truck