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Heptanuclear [FeIII6CrIII]3+ Complexes Experimentally Studied

ESI-MS (MeOH): m/z: 918.1 [{(talent´Bu2 )Fe3}2{Cr(CN)6}]3+; MALDI-TOF-MS (matrix DCTB): m/z: 2951 [{(talent´Bu2 )Mn3}2{Cr

Identifying Cointegration by Eigenanalysis

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at \(\sqrt{s}=13\) \(\text {TeV}\) with the ATLAS detector

{s}=13\) \(\text {TeV}\) with the ATLAS pair-produced and decay into two jets is V. A. BednyakovJoint Institute for Nuclear

Consumer Trust in an Internet Store: A Cross‐Cultural

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Assessment of GPM-IMERG and Other Precipitation Products

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DN100 offers 248 4000 psi hose products. About 35% of these are rubber hoses, 17% are cleaning equipment parts, and 15% are plastic tubes. A


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hydraulic hose SAE100 R2AT 3/8- 10MM- W.P.33.1MPa/4800PSI - B.P.132MPa/18840PSI hydraulic hose SAE100 R2AT 3/8- 10MM- W.P.33.1MPa/

Optimal Competition: A Benchmark for Competition Policy

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Competing Technologies, Increasing Returns, and Lock-In by

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