B32 water hose reel harrisburg

MS 220B 32 Dark Gray 1.5 Tape Trim 27.5 Yard Reel - 229MS220

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Multi-layered fuel tubing

B32B27/40; F16L11/08; B29D23/00; B32B27/ water, slurries, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, September, 2001 SPRINKLING HOSE FOR HOSE REEL

Sheet molding compound (SMC); thermosetting; polystyrene

percent water after 96 hours exposure and 100° B32B27/20, B32B27/14, B32B5/16, B32B27/18SIWAJEK, MICHAEL;AND OTHERS;REEL/FRAME:017272/

Multilayer hose for fuel, chemical and vapor transport

hose application, wherein the tubular structure B32B27/08, B32B25/08, F16L2011/047ASSIGNOR:FRS HOLDING CORP.;REEL/FRAME:023390/

Simplified method of making high strength resin bonded mica

(IPC1-7): B32B31/12; B32B19/02; B32B19/06was continued to eliminate water from the reaction so that it can be wound on take-up reel 48

Process of protecting a surface using a foam laminate

B29C65/00; B32B27/10; B65B51/26; B65Dreel to engage the edges of discs 141 and 142by flexible air hoses that are not illustrated


The invention relates to a reel assembly for a tape dispenser that includes a supply reel and a take-up reel. The reel assembly incorporates a clutch

Method and apparatus for the preparation of a paper reel for

B65H19/18; B65H19/10; (IPC1-7): B65H19/18; B32B31/00 Field 1. Method for the preparation of a paper reel (8) having a wound

Resist pattern forming method using anti-reflective layer

International Classes: B32B27/08; H01L21/673; ((washed with water) to remove the plating auxiliary member (magazine, tray, tape, reel,

Method for forming a multicolor interference coating

B32B7/06; B32B15/082; B32B27/00; B32B27/on the pay-out reel in the coating apparatus. with chilled water, so that the substrate

Composite tether and methods for manufacturing, transporting,

International Classes: B32B15/00; D02G3/02; D specialized reel ships that are used in hose that displaces seawater in the TBM with

Method of making high pressure reinforced hydraulic hose

B29D23/00; B32B25/10; F16L11/08; (IPC1-hose unit by vulcanizing the resulting built up reel so that the tape 10 can be applied in a

Drum for cutting and transferring linerless labels from a

20071120- B32B41/00; B65C9/18; B26D1/42; B26D5/16; B26D7/01 for tensioning the strip; and a motor for rotationally actuating the reel

Meandros B32 Aluminium Open Railed Speargun With Reel

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Sheet lamination with transverse sheet bias to eliminate

2011520- B29C65/02; B32B38/10; B29L9/00; B32B37/22; (IPC1-7): B44C1 32 also abruptly changes direction during passage to the take-up reel 40

Laminated substrate for an offset printing blanket

B41N10/04, B32B5/14 Y10S428/909, B41N10/04, CHASE MAHATTAN BANK, N.A., AS AGENTS FOR THE BANKS);REEL/FRAME:010942

Pharmaceutical packaging machine

2012619- B32B37/00; B32B38/10; (IPC1-7): B32B31A hose 65 (FIG. 1), with swivel fitting 66 filled reel, and replacing it with an empty

Fluoropolymer interior, adhesive, protective coating

hose or tubing, the rheological properties of the B32B1/08, B32B27/28, B29L2023/005, B29C47REEL/FRAME:009981/0644;SIGNING DATES FROM

Can capture and ground radio frequency interference (RFI)

B32B15/08, B60R13/08, B60R13/0884, B60R13/0876, B60R13/FIRST LIEN;ASSIGNOR:MERIDIAN AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS, INC.;REEL/FRAME:018816/0313

F02B32V8AS, ,F02B32V8AS,F02B32V8AS/

On the first stand (44) a reel (66) can be exchangeably mounted with a cardboard web (m), while on the second stand (42) a reel (64) can

Apparatus and method of making a continuous laminate coil

[0045] When the take-up reel 18 has reached a predetermined diameter of layers of materials, the refractory material 22 and the mesh strips 32, 36