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steel flexible hose, flexible metal hose,air hose,water

roll up water hose large diameter 3/4inch 20Auto Roll-up and Extension Electric/air/water US $36.00-100.00 /Set 6 CN CONTACT SUPPLIER

Direct smelting plant

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SP160M-4 11KW NO:705012 â–³ B3 IP55 380V 1460L/min TFC 132S-4 5.5ROLLER/81100OLP; diameter 3/8 ; rollable 30M; pressure 21BAR; hose

System and method for sensing and mapping stalk diameter

G01B5/08; A01D45/02; A01D75/00; G01B3/diameter value representative of a diameter of theset to zero, and a flag named Leading_Edge

Multi-layer plastic hollow pipe

B32B3/14; B32B27/08; F02M35/10; F02M35/hose of an automobile, use is preferably made sections 11H and 11S have the same diameter

Method and device for moving a tube in a borehole in the ground

E21B3/025; E21B7/06; (IPC1-7): E21B3/hose and packer combination which sealingly diameter of the hole 2 is sufficiently large for

Rotating spraying type coating apparatus

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200189-Device for testing a wheel set (1) of a rail vehicle comprises a tubular body (2) having a diameter which is a multiple of the diameter of a


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Rubber Hose, Big Diameter Mud Piping Hose, Braided Hose, Dredging Rubber HoseFlange dredging hose, induction dredging hose, 50meter length air hose, co

Method and device for pressure amplification in cylinders, in

F15B11/00; E02F9/22; E21D23/16; F15B3/(oil, water, emulsion, plasma, compressed air) using hoses with a larger diameter, operation

Method and device for separating a component such as fibrin I

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Device for cleaning boiler-tubes

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Hand held pitch diameter gauge

20021019-A pitch diameter gauge is disclosed which includes a gauge body and a first arm attached to the body and extending perpendicular outward the

Automotive fuel hose and method for producing the same

hose as set forth in claim 1, the method diameter of 4 to 40 mm, particularly preferably (SHED) method in accordance with California Air

Rain maker wildfire protection and containment system

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1500mm hose internal diameter, rubber hose, water, air,

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Apparatus for drying textile material

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Rotational atomizer with external heating system

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Multi-function cart

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