B32.5 concrete hose in canada

Texturized cell material for confinement of concrete and

E01C3/00; B32B1/06; B32B3/12; B32B3/28; E01C11/16; E02D17/20;(e.g. concrete or asphalt) or are loose (e.g. dirt, gravel or sand

Manufacturer high pressure 5.5 inch concrete pump rubber hose

Manufacturer high pressure 5.5 inch concrete pump rubber hose, US $ 100 - 200 / Piece, Hebei, China (Mainland), Pengkun, Concrete Pump Rubber Hose

Concrete floor finishing system and method

B32B27/40 B32B13/00 B05D1/38 B32B27/38 Pat. No. 5,248,338 issued Sep. 28, 1993 toconcrete floor finishing system and method which

posttensioning cables in metal reinforced concrete

International Classes: B32B15/00; E04C5/08 concrete structures, and more particularly to such5 are blended, extruded, and utilized consistent

Light weight concrete product containing synthetic fibers

2011720-International Classes: B32B5/16; C04B24/26; Cconcrete mixture; pouring the concrete mixture into(227.5 lb) of washed sand, 490.9 kg (1

Steel reinforced concrete systems

2001-05-03 B32B015/04 REINFORCED CONCRETE SYSTEMS Canada, published by the Canadian Society for FIG. 5 is a schematic cross sectional view of

Use of a glass filler in the production of concrete

the water and the ballast so that it constitutes at least 0.5 % by between sieving curves A32 and B32 in the ease of concrete, for example

Process for coating a base material with an elastomer and

B29C37/00; B29C63/02; B32B19/02; B32B25/hose utilizing internal fluid pressure 1986-08-05concrete light-weight concrete or porous concrete,

Concrete cure blanket having integral heat reflective means

A lightweight multilayer heat reflective concrete cure blanket having a moisture-impervious top outer layer, a moisture impervious bottom outer layer, and


2007819- B29C44/18; E04C2/22; (IPC1-7): B32B5/hose regions and, after they undergo the or concrete which may or may not be itself

Method for producing patterned shaped article

B32B27/14; B32B33/00; B44C1/20; B44C1/concrete shaped articles, patterned artificial stoneare connected by a hose in the order mentioned

Concrete Curing Blanket and Method of Curing Concrete

Disclosed is a concrete curing blanket that includes an absorbent layer and an impervious layer on the absorbent layer, wherein the impervious layer

double plate for corrosion protection of concrete structures

The two plates (1,3) form between them a sealed leakage gap (2). There are several anchor knubs (5) whose one end is coupled to the double

Hybrid Fiber on Mechanical Properties Lightweight Concrete

of Silica Fume and Hybrid Fiber on Mechanical Properties Lightweight ConcreteGhasemzadeh Mousavinejad Seyed HoseinShemshad Sara Yaser Ghorbani

ventilating waterproofing membrane

B32B15/04; C09J7/02; D06N5/00; E04D5/hose to pump the asphalt to the roof, it is (e.g. plywood, concrete or insulation) results

joint filler seal material for joints in precast concrete

B32B3/30; B05D3/12; B05D7/04; B05D7/24; B32B5/16; B32B25/04; 5. An apparatus for filling joints in precast concrete structures comprising


International Classes: B32B3/26; B32B5/18; E01 5. Apparatus according to any of claims 1 to concrete, aggregate, sand or combinations thereof

insulation plate integrated with major structure concrete

concrete, which is characterized in that both 5 mm, galvanized steel, or a polymeric material B32B13/14, C04B28/00, C04B14/42, B32B19

Composite concrete/bamboo structure

Composite concrete/bamboo structural members and process of manufacture therefor. The bamboo material includes layers formed of bamboo segments which have bee


20181122- Fabricate a panel (5) by building a B29C64/00; B32B5/20; E04B1/76; B29C44concrete to a thickness that is generally 2.5

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Fire protective flexible composite insulating system

B32B15/14; B32B17/02; E04B1/94; (IPC1-7 and Interam and Interam E-5 (mats). cause the concrete floor to deform, and may

Lightweight and dimensionally accurate resin concrete molded

concrete product essentially comprises an intermediate B32B37/06; (IPC1-7): A47K1/04; B32B5/ FIG. 5 is a fragmentary, enlarged cross-

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alloyhandleconstruction 3Antique Bronze finish 4.For1holesinstallation 5.Easytoinstall 6.Fastshipping 7.Ceramiccartridge 8.Comeswithstainlesssteelwaterhosesan

wallboard or backerboard sheets including aerated concrete

(IPC1-7): B32B13/00; B32B31/10; B32B31/ 5. A system according to claim 1 wherein concrete; at least one face layer supply; a

Glass-laminated concrete building element

E04B2/86; E04C2/26; (IPC1-7): B32B17/concrete 2, the layer 5 can deform without Then concrete 10 is poured from a hose 11 or