B3an hydraulic hose for machinery

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Method and apparatus for pressure treatment

20101219-International Classes: D06B3/10 View Patent hose 42 (Figure 2) with an exhaust 43 hydraulic plungers not only affords a substitute


The utility model discloses a pipe winding device hydraulic system and piling machinery. The pipe winding device hydraulic system comprises a variable pump,


F04C14/08; F04C13/00; F04B3/00; F04B11/hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic system, an hoses with defined resilience, so-called extension

Equipment for drying bales for forage of any shape whatsoever

(A1, A2, A3; B1, B2, B3) set between themachinery or in other words such machinery that each of the hydraulic jacks is enclosed by

Hydraulic pressure volume transformer

Each part requires complicated machinery and highly connected by means of a hose or conduit 1591 4. A hydraulic pressure volume transformer

Runner vane for axial-flow hydraulic machinery

20011020-International Classes: A01B3/421; (IPC1-7): A01B3/421 View Patent This results in an improved routing of the hydraulic lines (hoses,


2012319-International Classes: B66C23/80; F15B3/00; (an end of the beam comprising: a hydraulic There are hose connections (not shown) to the

Apparatus for performing actuations or operations in a

2005820- B41F33/16; B41F13/00; F15B3/00; F15B7/00; F15B11/036; F15B11/20 and the second pressure fluid system is embodied as an hydraulic pressur

Hydraulic press for the production of tiles, dishes, cups of

An improved hydraulic press, comprising a base frame with an horizontal bed, to which two stationary heads, termed fore head and rear head,

pfannenberg universal hydraulic EKM-1048-6-O-CN-02 -

hydraulic anti-stuck valve (Item No. :2012 -12SP160M-4 11KW NO:705012 △ B3 IP55 380V pressure 21BAR; hose impo

Operation control device for three-joint type excavator

Assignee: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.(ωb1,ωb2,ωb3) for said actual first arm and a hydraulic drive system including a first

Hydraulic motor and control therefor

This invention relates to hydraulic motors and has for its object to provide a construction of hydraulic motor particularly suitable for use on board ship

Elevating truck for pallets and the like

20031119-International Classes: B62B3/06 View Patent Images: Download PDF 2234925 lifting mechanism preferably in the form of an hydraulic or oth

Hydraulic system of work machine

the hydraulic system including: an operating oilright direction (direction of an arrow B3 in a hydraulic hose 62 is connected to the first

Bonding device for manufacturing vehicle seat

an hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder for moving said upper die in a direction(b3) of said lower die, wherein said pressure plate of said auxiliary

US3710823 - Hydraulic coupler with cam actuator - Google

hydraulic hose 27 coming from a suitable control valve for actuating the 1. An automatic coupling device for use in a hydraulic circuit comprising

and method to determine soil hydraulic capacity for onsite

thereby generating said hydraulic capacity of the trenches; (b3) determining an outer surface, and an internal chamber having a width; a means for

Pipe winding device hydraulic system and piling machinery

The utility model discloses a pipe winding device hydraulic system and piling machinery. The pipe winding device hydraulic system comprises a variable pump,

Hydraulic design method for pump body of spiral centrifugal

The invention relates to fluid machinery, in particular to a hydraulic the volute chamber width b3, the eighth (VIII) cross-sectional area A8,

Method and device for moving a tube in a borehole in the ground

E21B3/025; E21B7/06; (IPC1-7): E21B3/ wherein an alternating torque having an azimuth flexible hydraulic hoses 17 for operating the

Hydraulic Drive Motor Coupling/Mout to Alternative B3ZRM

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Method and apparatus for controlling hydraulic drifters

20101219- B65B3/32; F04B7/02; F04B9/117; F04B11/hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinder actuatingan accelerating rate to increase the pressur