B31 inch rubber hose length

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B31B1/12; B31B1/42; B31B5/36; (IPC1-7): B31B1/42; B31B1/72 inch OD seamless steel tubing, is positioned for its full length above the

Method for making a sheet of loop material

D04H11/04; (IPC1-7): B32B31/12; B32B31/ whereupon the rubber layer provides an alternative(1 inch) of sheet length with each loop

Minimal curl sealing flange

B29C37/00; B31B19/90; B65D33/25; B29C35length, an Upper surface, a lower surface and inch to about 0.001 inch near said edges on

Embossing process and product

B31F1/07; D21H27/40; (IPC1-7): B32B3/inch, the length of the minor axis of the (matched steel vs. rubber/steel); (3) the

Class Act Cling Mounted Rubber Stamp, 2.75 by 3.75-Inch,

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Elements for embossing and adhesive application

F16C13/00; B05D3/12; B05D7/24; B31F1/07inch, a Taber abrasion weight loss of less than isoprene rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, ethylene

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inch in his boy hole until the two drop some .biz/v.php?id=890ff27a796d01052a5b31deae Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Uncut Cocks, Rimming,

Bag and method of making the same

B31B19/98; B31B23/00; B31B27/00; B31B37/inch size described above, each web length 32 rubber and the upper roller comprises a crimp

Method of making improved baggage tag stock

(IPC1-7): B32B29/02; B32B31/08; G09F3/ having a caliper of 0.029 to 0.035 inch. and are then cut to length and dispensed for

Two layer structure for absorbent articles

A61F13/15; B31F1/07; B32B3/10; B32B3/26; B32B3/30; B32B27/12;The fibers may vary in length from a quarter of an inch or less to an


B31.1 01.Power PipingD.and two 3000 mm (10 feet) lengths of hose mm to 100 mm (2 inches to 4 inches), 1137


lengths of roving and filament strands by B29C53/56; B29C53/80; (IPC1-7): B31inch along the roller 135 is optimum design,

Laminating apparatus and method

20091119- B31B1/72; B31B1/90; (IPC1-7): B32B31/00inch in width, and elongated in length of aboutrubber, or the like, and a slick surface

Flexible roll

International Classes: B31F1/28; F16C13/00; ((e.g., rubber) to add resiliency to the length of 90 inches or, in some cases, a

Web holddown mechanism for corrugator double backer

(IPC1-7): B31F1/28; B32B31/00; B65H5/(18 to 24 inches) in length (in the directionrubber coated upper run 44 of cables into

Single-ply embossed absorbent paper products

International Classes: B31F1/07; (IPC1-7): Binch to 0.030 inch, and the embossing surface rubber roll, and having the desired pattern to

Nip roll for treating web materials and method of

D06C21/00; B30B3/04; B31F1/12; B31F1/16rubber strip, said strips further having disposed inch of roll (pli) -- are governed by the

Grasping device for drill

B25B13/00; B23B31/00; B23B31/02; B23B31 the shaft is ten or more inches in length, natural or synthetic rubber, cork, or natural


European Classes: B31D5/00C3; B31C5/00; B31length of a slit and the space between the (about one-half inch) long, extending

Apparatus for applying high torque levels

For torquing an artillery shell about six inches in length and having a Air is vented into the system through a passage or hose 37 (illustrated

ASME().doc -max-C2C

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Supporting apparatus

European Classes: B23B31/10B; B23Q1/26C2; Binch (6.25 mm) on the face of 0.900 inch (rubber like portion for abutting with the

Vacuum insulated panel and container and method of production

B65B31/04; B65B31/06; B65D81/38; F25Dhose to an evacuation pump through a set of inch of thickness, for example, an R value

Apparatus and method for increasing fluid flow rate in a flow

F02B29/02; F02B31/00; F02F1/42; F02B1hose 56 by means of which suction is applied inch in length and oriented parallel to the face

Carton handling apparatus

B31B1/74; D06M11/83; D06M15/17; D06N5/00(1) Inches of creep per two-inch section of - Previous Patent (Silicone rubber hose) |


B31F1/07; D21F11/00; D21G1/00; D21H27/inch or greater through a calendering nip formed and the length of the tissue web within the