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Hose clamp tool

20101120- 1. A hose clamp installation tool comprising: These hoses are made of rubber, polymeric In the prior art, pliers were used to grasp

Astro 9406 Hose Clamp Pliers Assortment Kit 7-Piece

The Astro 7-Piece Hose Clamp Pliers Assortment Kit – 9406 helps in removing or locking clamps in an open position with the help of rubber grip pliers

Clamping head

Schneid backen (1+2) und einem im rechten Winkel zu den Clamp pliers US4122733 * 197781 19781031 Punch-Lok Company Hose clamp


9 HOSE PINCH OFF PLIERS Part No. HP55 $32.20 Qty Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Features Benefits Mechanism for clamping without springs or

Rubber Hose Pliers 240mm - JONNESWAY - PLIERS WIRE PLIERS /

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Hose-clamp pliers.

This invention relates to hose clamp pliers and the objects of the same are to provide pliers of the above nature which are especially adapted for the

Hose-clamp pliers

US4162640 * 197843 1979731 K-D Manufacturing Company Hose-clamp pliersUS4162640 197843 1979731 K-D Manufacturing Company

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2018112-Also for fuel and cooling system hoses using Hazet special clamp pliers for installing metal

Hose clip of the self-holding type

A hose clip of the self-holding type includes a clamping ring made by circularly bending a band-shaped leaf spring. A first knob is formed by cutting

Hose Clamp Pliers

Hose Clamp PliersBarry J. Harrison

Coupling assembly

(42.3) of a flexible suction hose (42), the rubber-like boot carryingThe principal disadvantage of the pliers-like coupling device has been that

Machine for manufacturing pantyhose with gusset

A machine for manufacturing pantyhose with a gusset, which is provided retractor devices and clamps that operate in conjunction with each other to (1)

Pliers for clamping hoses

Pliers for clamping hosesThe pliers have two jaws (5,6), which extend into arms (2,3) and are rotatable about a pin (4). The arms can be

Hose clamp

rubber hose with a radiator pipe of an there is provided a hose clamp which comprises pulled radially outwardly by pliers 10 or the


They include wire strippers, hose removal tool, line wrenches, multimeter, boat including a headlight, needle-nose locking pliers, and a rubber mallet

A sytem for packaging products in stick packs

2011920-hose; a cutting device for cyclically severing the hose at the transverse the pliers 3 and the pick-up group 16 of the stick pack 2 in t

Dental fiberoptic handpiece hose assembly

A dental fiberoptic handpiece hose assembly comprises a flexible aspetic outer tubing that contains internally a plurality of conduits and wires for the

Pliers for clamping hoses

Pliers for clamping hosesdoi:DE4440210The pliers have two jaws (5,6), which extend into arms (2,3) and are rotatable about a pin (4). The arms

Rubber docking hose with 4 pliers of steel core-in Pipe

Rubber docking hose with 4 pliers of steel corePrice: US $136.94 / piece Shipping: to Estimated Delivery Time:days Please select the country you

3-way kitchen faucet diverter

If you don’t know what size of your kitchen hose is, we recommend to connection by pliers every time when you screw and unscrew this adapter

US2472172 - Hose clamp - Google

This invention relates to hose clamps and Is particularly directed to a spring type of wire clamp which is adapted to encircle a resilient hose, to

Connector compression tool

: OTC 4502 Hose Clamp Pliers Set - 2 Piece: Automotive Tools Home Improvement › Power Hand Tools › Hand Tools › Pliers

Pliers for attaching snap fasteners

2. In a hand-operated tool for setting snap fasteners upon sheet material consisting of a pair of pliers having jaws movable toward and away from

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Hose clamp

pliers, the body of said ring will be vertically elongated and spread away 3. In a device for adjustably clamping a soft rubber hose upon a

US3879981 - Fishline connector device - Google

together by pivot pin 20 about which they rotate in pliers-like fashion. US20100107823 * 2010114 201056 Ming-Chieh Wu Hose Clamp